Academic Integrity

The Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development is committed to assisting students being successful at San José State University. The resources on this site are designed to assist students in their academic endeavors, to educate them on the Academic Integrity Policy and to provide resources.

Academic Integrity is essential to the mission of San José State University. As such, students are expected to perform their own work (except when collaboration is expressly permitted by the course instructor). When practiced, academic integrity ensures that all students are fairly graded. Cheating, however, undermines the educational process and will not be tolerated. Cheating demonstrates a lack of respect for oneself, fellow students and the course instructor.

If you have been accused of cheating or plagiarism and have received a "Come in Letter" to the email listed on your MySJSU account, please call us at, 408-924-5985, to schedule an appointment with a Student Conduct Officer.