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The Student Union, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, that maintains three major facilities at San José State University in downtown San José, California. These facilities include the Diaz Compean Student Union Building, the Event Center and the new Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center.

The corporation is completely self supporting, and receives no tax dollar support from the State of California or the California State University system. The Student Union, Inc. functions as part of the Student Affairs Division on campus, and is governed by a Board of Directors made up of a student majority, faculty, and administrators.

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The Student Union, Inc. Board of Directors is the general governing and policy-making body for the Student Union, Inc. It is a recommending body to the University President in terms of policy, the annual budget, and appropriate personnel matters as covered in the By-laws. The Executive Director manages the facilities, programs, and financial enterprises within the policies approved for the corporation by the Board.

The Board of Directors is an 11-member Board with a majority of students, 5 Student-At-Large Representatives and the Associated Students President or their designee.

Any matriculated students attending San José State University with a GPA of 2.0 and above and are enrolled in a minimum of 6.0 units are eligible to serve on the Student Union, Inc. Board of Directors.  Eligible students selected for Board membership will serve a minimum of two (2) years.  To apply for a Student-At-Large position, please fill out the Student Board of Directors Member Application (PDF) and email the completed application to Amy Guerra-Smith at amy.guerra@sjsu.edu.  

For more information about serving on the Board of Directors, please contact Amy Guerra-Smith at (408) 924-6336 or by email to amy.guerra@sjsu.edu 

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In November of 1963, the student body approved the building of the                         Student Union and pledged to support its construction by paying student                         fees. Construction of the 144,000 square foot building, designed by the Palo Alto architectural firm of Ernest J. Krump and Associates, began in 1967. The Union opened in the Fall of 1969 and cost in excess of $5 million, including furnishings. No state money (tax dollars) was used in the construction of the building. The construction of the Student Union was funded by monetary donations. A federal loan of $3.2 million was obtained and is being paid over a period of 40 years. During the 1980's, the process of the 1960's was repeated again. Students voted to pay a fee that would finance the building of a recreation and event center. Three different elections were held; additional student fees were collected and the facilities were constructed. In May 1988, the Aquatic Center opened and in the following year, the Event Center opened. The Student Union fee, which every student pays each semester, goes towards repayment of the bonds on all of the facilities, as well as supports a percentage of the annual operating costs of the buildings.


The Student Union Corporation offers quality services and programs that promote social, recreational, cultural and educational development. The Student Union Corporation of San José State University is committed to operating a financially responsible business, facilitating and enhancing the learning experience of a diverse campus and community. The Student Union Corporation invests in the well-being of San José State University students to be socially responsible leaders and productive individuals who meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.


  • We incorporate positive role-modeling in our daily behaviors at work.
  • Creativity and risk-taking are encouraged and supported.
  • We are committed to the excellence of the Student Union, Inc.
  • We live up to our commitments.
  • We communicate directly.
  • We acknowledge collaborative contributions and individual achievements.


The Student Union, Inc. employs a full-time staff of 25 and over 150 part-time student employees. Each member of the staff works to provide quality facilities and services to the campus and surrounding community.


In keeping with the mission statement, the Student Union, Inc. is committed to participating in the educational mission of San José State University through professional development for full-time and student staff members. This is done through specialized department training, as well as corporate-wide workshops for all employees.


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