Personnel Committee Charter


A. The Personnel Committee recommends policies and procedures to the Board of Directors for approval. The policies and procedures address the concerns of the employees of the Student Union, Inc.


A. At least two members shall be student members of the Board of Directors.
B. Two members shall be non-student members of the Board of Directors.
C. The Human Resources specialist from the Student Union, Inc. (non-voting)
D. Two supervisors from the Student Union, Inc. (non-voting)
E. The Executive Director, Student Union, Inc. (non-voting)
F. Committee appointees shall be approved by majority vote by the SUBOD


A. The Personnel Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Board Chair and confirmed by the SUBOD through majority vote.
B. The Personnel Committee Chair shall be responsible for reporting Personnel Committee recommendations and findings to the SUBOD.
C. The Personnel Committee Chair shall preside over all meetings of the committee. In the absence of the chair, a voting member of the committee may preside over the meeting provided that a quorum is present.
D. The Chair shall create, distribute, and post the agenda at least 1 (one) week in advance of all Personnel Committee Meetings.


A. A term for each voting member of the Personnel Committee will be one year commencing July 1st of each year.


A. To evaluate and recommend possible alternatives to problems facing the employees of the Student Union, Inc in a timely fashion.
B. To revise, as necessary, the Student Union Personnel Manual in order to keep it relevant and up-to-date.
C. To be compassionate and employee-focused in all decision making in order to promote the valuable employees of this Student Union, Inc.
D. To conduct the annual review of the Executive Director, as well as make adjustments to the review process as deemed necessary. All reviews of the Executive Director’s performance shall be conducted in Executive Session, and non-voting members shall be dismissed from participation.
E. Review student appointees to the Board of Directors. If the Associated Students President is a member of the personnel committee, he/she shall
abstain from voting, in the personnel committee, on the appointment of student members of the Board of Directors.


A. Meetings will be held at least once a month during the academic school year, or as frequently as needed.
B. Business cannot be conducted unless a majority of current voting members are present.
C. All agenda items need to be submitted to the chair for placement on the agenda at least 8 days prior to a scheduled meeting.


Agendas and Minutes

2/11/2020 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

12/2/2019 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

10/15/2019 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

5/7/2019 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

11/27/2018 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

10/22/2018 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

9/18/2018 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

5/4/2018 Agenda (PDF),Minutes (PDF)

4/3/2018 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

11/29/2017 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

9/19/2017 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

5/9/2017 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

4/11/2017 Cancelled

2/17/2017 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

9/20/2016 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

5/9/2016 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

2/22/2016 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

2/2/2016 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

9/22/2015 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

9/16/2015 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

5/12/2015 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

4/28/2015 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

4/7/2015 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

2/17/2015 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)

9/23/2014 Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)