Student Union Facility

The New Student Union building represents the Student Union,  Inc.’s long-held desire to create a unified location for students to come and  experience campus life. Once fully complete in 2015, the new building will house more  services than any other building on campus and will consolidate many services so that they are more accessible to students.  Below is a complete list and brief description of every facility that will be  in the New Student Union.

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Departments and Services Located in the Student Union

Level 0 - Basement Level

Billiard and Table Tennis
Bowling Center
Cyber Cafe and Music Entertainment
Operations, Offices, & Storage
Theater and Lecture Hall

Level 1 - Ground Level

A.S. General Services and Transportation Solutions
A.S. Print Shop
Cesar Chavez Community Action Center
Dining Area
Future Retail / Food Space
Information Center
International and Extended Studies
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center
Military and Veteran Student Services
Spartan Bookstore
Spartan Food Court
Student Involvement and Student Organization Club Space
US Bank
Women's Resource Center

Level 2 - Upper Level

A.S. Computer Services
A.S. Government
International and Extended Studies
Meeting Rooms
Open Lounge
Student Union Administration
Student Union Event Services; Spartan Shops Catering