There are hundreds of scholarships available for students studying abroad—some are based on merit, need, professional associations, area of study, or even the country you chose to study in. While SJSU offers some general scholarships specifically for SJSU students studying abroad, be sure to check any funding opportunities for the specific program you are applying to. Students applying to CSU International Programs and ISEP are eligible for scholarships through those groups as well. It is important to also check with your major department to see what unique funding opportunities may be available to you when studying abroad (e.g. SJSU students in the College of Business are automatically eligible for study abroad awards). Also make sure to check with the SJSU Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for more scholarship information.

For more specific information and tips on applying to study abroad scholarships, attend one of our weekly Scholarship Information Sessions.

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SJSU Study Abroad Scholarships 

*Only SJSU students are eligible to apply

Scholarships & Eligibility Deadlines Amount
Louie Barozzi Study Abroad Scholarship 
Eligibility: 3.25 Cumulative GPA
March 17th $1,500
Jeffrey Scott Johnson Memorial 
Eligibility: 2.75 GPA, accepted into a study abroad program at SJSU
May 1st  $1,500
SJSU College of Business Scholarships
Eligibility: College of Business Major or Minor, accepted into a SJSU study abroad program.
Students will be invited to apply after acceptance

Multiple awards:

$750 / semester

$1,500 / academic year

John Gilbert Scholarship

Eligibility: Political Science Majors, Full-time student, 3.0GPA

  up to $7,000
Dennis Wilcox Scholarship Endowment Fund
Eligibility: 2.5 GPA, Public Relations majors have priority, Advertising, Journalism, or Mass Comm. majors have 2nd priority
Feb. 5th  Varies 
CoSS Dean's Study Abroad Scholarships
Eligibility: a major in the College of Social Sciences, 3.5 major GPA, 3.0 cumulative GPA
March Varies

Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management Skålarship

Eligibility: HSPM majors, 2.5 GPA

March 20 2x awards of $1,000


Program Specific Scholarships:

Scholarships & Eligibility  Deadlines Amount
CSUIP: General Scholarship 
Eligibility: Accepted to CSUIP; Selection based on Financial need & academic merit
Feb. 1st(Acad. Yr) May 1st(Cal. Yr) $500
CSUIP: Ghana Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to CSUIP's Ghana Program 
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr) $1,000
CSUIP: Michelle Marriott Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to CSUIP's Aix-en-Provence Program
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr) $1,500
CSUIP: Ward Wallach Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to a CSUIP program in Japan
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr) $500
CSUIP: Baden-Württemberg Fellowship Program
Students accepted to a CSUIP Germany program will be provided instructions on applying 
Instructions will be provided to qualified students 400 Euros per month
CSUIP: Wang Family Scholarships
Eligibility: Accepted to a CSUIP program in China or Taiwan; Instructions will be provided in students' CSUIP applications
Feb.1st (Acad.Yr) $4,000
ISEP: Community Scholarship
Eligibility: Accepted to ISEP; financial need, traditionally underrepresent student in education abroad (click the link above for more details)
March (Fall/AY)
Oct. 1st (Spring)
ISEP: Founders Fellowship
Eligibility: Accepted to ISEP; financial need, traditionally underrepresent student in education abroad (click the link above for more details), project proposal demonstrating leadership
Oct. 1st (Spring)
ISEP: Annette Kade Scholarships 
Eligibility: Accepted to ISEP; Studying German or French in France, La Reunion, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or the French Antilles
April 4th  up to $1,000
ISEP: Massey University ScholarshipEligibility: ISEP Direct nominee for Massey University in New Zealand May (Fall) 
Nov. (Spring)
$1,000 NZ
ISEP: Kansai Gaidai University Scholarship
Eligibility: accepted to Kansai Gaidai Uni. through ISEP Direct, maintained a 3.0 GPA in the 2 semesters leading up to the program and through each semester of the program 
automatically applied if you meet the criteria $6,000


Government or Organization Scholarships:

Scholarships & Eligibility  Deadlines Amount
Gilman Scholarship
Eligibility: Undergraduate, receiving a Federal Pell Grant
up to $8,000
Boren Scholarships
Eligibility: Undergraduate; focuses on locations, languages, & fields of study critical to U.S. national security; Federal Service requirement after graduation
February  up to $20,000
Boren Fellowship
Eligibility: Graduate; focuses on locations, languages, & fields of study critical to U.S. national security; Federal Service requirement after graduation
January  up to $24,000
Fulbright U.S. Student Programs
Eligibility: Graduate; other requirements varies by program
Varies Fully funded  
Fund for Education Abroad 
Eligibility: Undergraduate; preference given to rigorously immersive programs, studying a language, non-traditional destinations, & traditionally underrepresented in study abroad 
January  up to $10,000
Freeman Awards for Study in Asia
Eligibility: Undergraduate; 2.8 GPA; receive need-based financial aid; Studying in East or Southeast Asia w/ intensive language program 
February (Fall,
AY, Sum.)
October (Spring)
 up to $7,000
County of Santa Clara / Florence, Italy Sister County Commission Scholarship
Eligibility: Studying abroad in Florence, Italy; upper division undergraduate standing; 3.0 GPA; Resident of Santa Clara County for at least 6 months
April  Varies
Go Overseas Scholarships
Eligibility: Varies greatly by Scholarship 
Varies Varies
Japan Student Services Org. (JASSO) Scholarship
Eligibility: Students accepted by a Japanese University. Application process will vary by university. Contact SJSU's study abroad office for more details. 
Varies up to a monthly stipend of ¥80,000
Bridging Scholarships
Eligibility: Undergraduate; Studying in Japan; other requirements apply
 up to $4,000
DAAD Scholarships
Eligibility: Studying in Germany; Other requirements vary by scholarship
Varies Varies
WSA Cultural Bridge Scholarship
Eligibility: Studying in Europe; 3.0 GPA; Based on financial need, merit, and passion
TBA (Spring)

PHI KAPPA PHI Study Abroad Grant

Eligibility: You do NOT need to be a member of Phi Kappa Phi to apply, undergraduate, GPA of at least 3.75

BUTEX Awards
Eligibility: accepted to study abroad in the UK for at least a semester, review other requirements on their website
June 15th (all semesters) £500
Scott's Cheap Flights Study Abroad Scholarship
Eligibility: open to U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents

Oct. 15th (Fall)
TBA (Spring)

International Student: Travel Video Contest
Eligibility: Currently Studying abroad or if not currently abroad describe your proposed study abroad

Oct. 13th


ItaliaRail's Italy Study Abroad Scholarship

Eligibility: Accepted or applying to a semester / academic year program in Italy

June 30th $1,000

GO Abroad / Lonely Planet / STA Travel Scholarship

Eligibility: Applying for or accepted into a SJSU study abroad program. 

Sept. 25 $3,000

Toshizo Watanabe Study Abroad Scholarship Program

Eligibility: American or Japanese citizen accepted into a study abroad program in Japan. 

Spring All program expenses


Online Scholarship Search Engines

Also be sure to fully utilize internet resources for finding scholarships for study abroad. Every year thousands of dollars of scholarship money go unused simply because students do not apply. Make sure to do your research to help make your experience as affordable as possible. There are several scholarship search engines that students can search through to find scholarships they are specifically eligible for: