There are hundreds of scholarships available for students studying abroad—some are based on merit, need, professional associations, area of study, or even the country you chose to study in. While SJSU offers some general scholarships specifically for SJSU students studying abroad, be sure to check any funding opportunities for the specific program you are applying to. Students applying to CSU International Programs and ISEP are eligible for scholarships through those groups as well. It is important to also check with your major department to see what unique funding opportunities may be available to you when studying abroad (e.g. SJSU students in the College of Business are automatically eligible for study abroad awards). Also make sure to check with the SJSU Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for more scholarship information.

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Online Scholarship Search Engines

Also be sure to fully utilize internet resources for finding scholarships for study abroad. Every year thousands of dollars of scholarship money go unused simply because students do not apply. Make sure to do your research to help make your experience as affordable as possible. There are several scholarship search engines that students can search through to find scholarships they are specifically eligible for: