SJSU Bilateral Program Forms

All applications must be submitted to the SJSU Study Abroad Office.

Bilateral Application Steps

  1. Fill out the general SJSU Bilateral Exchange Application Form (pdf).
  2. Complete the SJSU Bilateral Host University Application Form from the table below.
  3. Submit 2 Faculty Recommendation Forms (pdf) with your application. Recommendations must come from faculty who are familiar with your academic performance.
  4. Submit the Foreign Language Recommendation Form (pdf) if you plan on studying in a language other than English while abroad.
  5. Additional Applications by Country/University (see table below):
  6. Submit the above forms—SJSU Bilateral Exchange Application Form, the Host University Application Form, 2 faculty recommendations, Foreign Language Recommendation (if needed)—to the SJSU Study Abroad Office by the appropriate deadline. If you applied to a SJSU Bilateral Host University online, print out the online application or the receipt of the application submission.

The following forms are to be completed AFTER being accepted to the program:

Country University Forms

Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales
(program in Spanish)

Application Form (pdf)
Housing Information (pdf)
List of Majors

Supplemental Documents
Copy of valid passport
3 passport-sized photographs
Statement of purpose (1 page, in Spanish)
Curriculum vitae


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Application Form (pdf)

Application Guide

Supplemental Documents
Copy of valid passport

RMIT University

Application Form (pdf)
Application Procedure

Supplemental Documents
Copy of valid passport
1 passport-sized photograph
1 statement of purpose
1 letter of reference


Exchange Application for CUHK College of Business

Online Application & Instructions

Exchange Application for CUHK College of Liberal Arts and Social Science

CLASS Application Form (pdf)
Campus Housing (All Applicants)
Visa/Entry Permit Application Form (All Applicants)

Costa Rica

Universidad Veritas

Application Form (pdf)
English Translation Guide for Application (pdf)
Course Form (pdf)
Course Listings (pdf)
Homestay Application (pdf)

Supplemental Documents
Copy of valid passport
Statement of purpose in Spanish
2 passport-sized photographs
Portfolio on CD for art students


Institute of Political Studies, Lille

Please contact the Study Abroad Office for the application by emailing

L’École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI)
(program in French)

Online Application Information
Course and Project Descriptions

Toulouse Business School

Application Form (pdf)
Core Courses Application Form (pdf)

Supplemental Documents
Copy of valid passport
2 passport-sized photographs


Alliance Business School

Application Form (pdf)


University College Dublin

Online Application Instructions (pdf)


John Cabot University

Online Application
(Skip the request for the online application fee payment)

List of courses
Housing Options
Housing Application


Okayama University

Application package (pdf)
Application Form (pdf)
Letter of Recommendation Form (pdf)

EPOK Requirements 

EPOK application form
Certificate of Eligibility (pdf)

Proposal for Independent Study
Financial Support Documents (pdf)


Instructions for Filling in the JASSO form14-15


Certificate of Health Form (pdf)
Health Care Information Sheet (pdf)

Yokohama National University

Application Form (pdf)

Supplemental Documents
1 Letter of recommendation
1 Statement of purpose
1 Financial Information Sheet
1 Bank Statement
4 passport-sized photographs
Copy of valid passport

Kyushu University

Application Form (pdf)

Information Sheet

Supplemental Documents
2 Letters of Recommendation
1 Statement of Purpose
1 Independent Study/Research Proposal (Optional)

Kwansei Gakuin University

Online Application Instructions and Forms

Scholarship Funds Available for U.S. Study Abroad Students in Japan!

JASSO Scholarship Information (pdf)
JASSO Application Instructions (pdf)
JASSO Application Form (pdf)


University of Porto
(program in Portuguese)

Application Instructions (pdf)
Online Application Form


Nanyang Technological University 
*Temporarily Unavailable

Online Application
List of Colleges 
Housing Information
Business/Accountancy Application Form (pdf)


University of Burgos
(program in Spanish and English)

Online and Paper Application Form
Housing Options (All Applicants)

Supplemental Documents
Paper Application (in addition to Online Application)
Housing Request Form

Toulouse Business School—Barcelona Campus
(program in Spanish and English)

Application Form (pdf)

Supplemental Documents
Copy of valid passport
2 passport-sized photographs
ESEC Form (pdf)
Housing Information (All Applicants) (pdf)
Course List (Barcelona Applicants) (pdf)


Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHW)

Application Form (pdf)




Chulalongkorn University

Application Form & Instructions

Supplemental Documents
A nomination letter from home institute
2 letters of reference in signed and sealed envelopes
Study plan
Copy of valid passport
8 passport-sized photographs

United Kingdom

Edinburgh Napier University—Scotland

Online Application Information

Supplemental Documents
Personal Statement
Letters of Recommendation
Portfolio or audition CD for applications to Film, Photography, Design and Music modules.
Housing Information and Application Form
Module Selections

Nottingham Trent University Business School

Application Form (pdf)

Roehampton University

Outbound program temporarily unavailable; contact office for details.

University of Hertfordshire
Internships Available!

Application Form (pdf)

Application Guidelines 

Module Selection Form (pdf)

Module Selection Form (Word)

UH Fact Sheet 14-15

List of Modules

University of Portsmouth (UoP)

Application Instructions (pdf)
Application Form (pdf)
Letter of Recommendation Form (pdf)