Cell Phones and Banking

Cell phones

If you plan on using a cell phone during your time at San Jose State University, please keep in mind that the cell phone you use in your home country may or may not work in the United States.

For $50-70/month, students can sign up for a no-contract plan through T-Mobile. These plans are ideal for students who do not have Social Security Numbers (which a majority of international students do not). For an additional $10/month, you can add unlimited international talk/text (Please check if your country qualifies with T-Mobile).

Students may also sign up for contract plans


Nearest T-Mobile Store

595 Coleman Ave Ste 40

San Jose, CA 95110

**San Jose State University I-Gateways website includes additional information about cell phones and links to other mobile carriers here 


Checking Accounts are extremely convenient in this country, a debit card or a check may be used to pay nearly everywhere. ATM’s are also widely available so easy access to your money. As an international student you may open a bank account in almost any bank in the San Jose area. Sometimes there may be a small monthly charge and/or a minimum balance is required *this information will be made available to you when you talk with a banking professional*.

Below are some of the popular banks.

U.S. Bank: On campus, Student Union 

Bank of America:99 South Fourth Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Wells Fargo: 121 Park Center Plaza, San Jose, CA 95113. 

Chase: 55 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95113.

Bank of the West: 50 West San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Citibank:10 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95113. T

** With the exception of Citibank, SJSU has ATM’s for all the above banks on campus near the student union. Citibank ATMs are located in most 7-Eleven convenience stores. U.S. Bank has a local branch on campus for convenience. 

Identification: To open a checking or savings account, you will need to present two pieces of identification (ID). One must be your valid passport; the other may be a driver’s license or a SJSU ID card. It is not required that you have a Social Security number to open a bank account.