How to Apply

International Students can apply to study abroad at San Jose State University if their home university has a bilateral exchange agreement with SJSU. If you are an international student from one of our SJSU academic partner universities (pdf), then your home university's exchange office will be able to provide you with our application materials after you have been successfully nominated.  Applications are to be submitted to your home university for forwarding to SJSU.  SJSU does not accept applications directly from student applicants. 

Unfortunately United States citizens living abroad and international students with dual U.S. citizenship are ineligible for our exchange programs. 

If you have any questions about the application procedure, please feel free to contact the ISSS Office directly. 

If your university does not yet have a partnership with SJSU, please have your university contact Dr Alaric Trousdale at in order to inquire about how to establish a partnership. Please have your university do this as soon as possible if you are interested in studying at SJSU as a visiting student. We will not be able to advise you about how to apply to SJSU as a visiting student until an academic partnership has been established between your university and SJSU.