Academic Transcript

After successful completion of your courses at SJSU, the Study Abroad Coordinator will send an official copy of your academic transcript to your home institution via the central office of the program through which you are participating (CSU IP or ISEP). Students on bilateral reciprocal exchanges will have their transcripts sent directly to the exchange coordinator at their home institution. All students can obtain an unofficial copy of their transcript through the SJSU website using their student number and PIN. If you would like an official copy for your own records, you can make that request yourself through the Office of Admissions and Records (there is a small fee). The Study Abroad Coordinator cannot issue an official transcript directly to a student. Please expect the transcript forwarding process to take 1 – 2 months from the final day of exams.

Prior to leaving SJSU, please verify with Admissions and Records that your academic records are correct and include all of the courses that you took while at SJSU. It is much easier to deal with any errors while you are in San José instead of from your home country.