Airport Shuttle Service

We recommend reserving your shuttle ride online before you arrive at your destination.

Super Shuttle

Public Transportation

Here are links to Caltrain and Lightrail information for getting around San Jose if you do not have a car. Remember to check the map for where the Caltrain and Lightrail stop and plan to ride a bus or taxi to your final destination if needed. You will have to pay the fee before you board the Caltrain, Lightrail or Bus. If you ride a taxi, you must pay the fee after the ride has been completed and the cost calculated for the distance traveled.

Caltrain Information:
Lightrail and Bus Information:

More information about public transportation in the area can be found at SJSU Transportation Solutions.

SJSU Transportation Solutions

SJSU Transportation Solutions is available to answer questions about public transportation in the area around SJSU. Please see their website for information about public transportation options and to access transit maps.

You can also visit their offices in person in the Student Union Building on campus to ask questions. Once you have your SJSU Tower Card (Student ID Card) you can purchase an Associated Students Ecopass sticker that will allow you unlimited free rides on all Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Buses and Light Rail for the duration of the Eco Pass sticker.

Getting a Driver’s License:

SJSU I-Gateways has helpful information about how international and exchange students can get a California driver’s license on their website.

Renting a Car:

SJSU I-Gateways also has a good tutorial about how to rent a car at if you are interested and eligible to rent a car. For most car rental companies, the renter must be at least 25 years of age and hold a valid and current driver’s license. This includes a California driver’s license, a license from your home country (must be written out in the Latin alphabet), or an International Driver’s Permit (International Driver License).