Airport to SJSU Campus Transportation Options 

Most international students arrive in San Jose by plane at San José International Airport (SJC). The following services will take you to the International House or University Housing. Updated information, maps and phone numbers can be found on the San Jose International Airport website, (click 'Ground Transportation').


  • International House360 South 11th Street, San José, CA 95112
  • University Housing CVB350 South 9th Street, San José, CA 95112 


Public Transportation: 

Cost: $4 
The cheapest way for students to travel from the airport to downtown San Jose is public transportation; however this route may be inconvenient if you have a lot of luggage. There is a free shuttle from the airport, the "#10 Airport Flyer" that picks up at the airport and goes to the Metro Light Rail. From the Metro, you can take the Light Rail and get off at 2nd and San Fernando (Paseo De San Antonio Station). Then from the station you can either walk 9-11 blocks (Do not walk alone at night) or take Bus #73 from San Fernando and 2nd to 10th and San Salvador. This will drop you off right at University Housing. For the International House walk one block east. The fare for the train and bus are $2.00 each. You must carry exact change as bus drivers do not carry change.

ShareRide Options:

Cost: $11 - 14 estimated
If you would prefer to be dropped off directly at your destination, order an Uber or Lyft ride. You will need to download either the Uber or Lyft App onto your smartphone or tablet. Once you have arrived at the San Jose International Airport you can access the airport’s free Wi-Fi to order an Uber or Lyft ride. 



Costs: $15 - $30
Taxis are also found at Terminal A and Terminal B stops. Check out more information online: Taxis Services


Door-to-Door Shuttle

Cost: $21 - 35 estimated

Another option if you would prefer to be dropped off directly at your destination is to use a door-to-door shuttle. Shuttles are vans that drop off a number of passengers in one ride. Shuttles do not need to be arranged in advance and are located at either Terminal A (in the garage outside of the baggage claim) or Terminal C (outside, same side of the street, just south of the baggage claim). 

IMPORTANT Note: It is important to have at least one back up plan for your transportation from the airport just in case you are unable to take your first transportation option. Also, we strongly encourage you to arrive during the day especially if you wish to take public transportation. We strongly advise against walking within the city late at night especially when carrying luggage.


Travel from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Public transportation from SFO or OAK will be less expensive than a taxi or shuttle, but is complicated with multiple transitions, will take several hours and is not recommended.  Many taxi and shuttle companies serve both airports so you will have multiple options if flying into SFO or OAK.  We recommend pre-booking a ride to SJSU if this option is available. 

San Jose and Bay Area Transportation Options


Public Transportation

Here are links to Caltrain and Lightrail information for getting around San Jose and the BayArea if you do not have a car. Remember to check the map for where the Caltrain and Lightrail stop and plan to ride a bus or taxi to your final destination if needed. You will have to pay the fee before you board the Caltrain, Lightrail or Bus. If you ride a taxi, you must pay the fee after the ride has been completed and the cost calculated for the distance traveled.

Caltrain Information:
Lightrail and Bus Information:

More information about public transportation in the area can be found at SJSU Transportation Solutions.

SJSU Transportation Solutions

SJSU Transportation Solutions is available to answer questions about public transportation in the area around SJSU. Please see their website for information about public transportation options and to access transit maps.

You can also visit their offices in person in the Student Union Building on campus to ask questions. Once you have your SJSU Tower Card (Student ID Card) you can purchase an Associated Students Ecopass sticker that will allow you unlimited free rides on all Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Buses and Light Rail for the duration of the Eco Pass sticker.

Getting a Driver’s License:

SJSU I-Gateways has helpful information about how international and exchange students can get a California driver’s license on their website.

Renting a Car:

SJSU I-Gateways also has a good tutorial about how to rent a car at if you are interested and eligible to rent a car. For most car rental companies, the renter must be at least 25 years of age and hold a valid and current driver’s license. This includes a California driver’s license, a license from your home country (must be written out in the Latin alphabet), or an International Driver’s Permit (International Driver License).