Establishing Exchange Programs

New student exchange programs should ideally be sponsored by an academic department or college, and initially approved by that Department Chair and College Dean.

The College of International and Extended Studies (CIES) has developed guidelines, policies and procedures for establishing formal linkages between SJSU and international institutions, as set forth by CSU Executive Order 1080. More information can be found by visiting our Partnerships page.  Once requested, the related Exchange Agreement for the program will also require approval from the SJSU office of Contracts and Purchasing, the CSU Chancellor's Office, it will be reviewed by the Dean of the College of International and Extended Studies and given final approval by the SJSU President. SJSU does not consider exchange arrangements which are coordinated by individual faculty members as official linkage agreements of the University. 

Faculty members who would like to develop a student exchange with a university abroad should discuss the proposal with their Department Chair, then meet with Dr. Alaric Trousdale, Study Abroad Coordinator, who can walk them through the development process.

The process will culminate with a University Exchange Agreement - This document is a formal contract, containing specific program details which must be developed and fully-executed prior to any business being conducted on behalf of SJSU. It must be officially approved by the CSU Chancellor's Office and outlines the relationship between the institutions. The Exchange Agreement must be signed by the partner organization, the Dean of the College of International and Extended Studies and the SJSU President to be considered fully-executed.  

For more information on establishing new exchange programs, please contact:

Study Abroad Office (CIES, Student Union West)
International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)
Tel: (408) 924-5916