Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs (FLP)

Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) provide short term study abroad experiences (approximately three to eight weeks long abroad) to students while they are enrolled and engaged in a course or courses relevant to their place of travel. FLPs are offered during the summer term. FLPs are intended not only to provide a more affordable and short-term study abroad opportunity for SJSU students, but also to provide an opportunity for SJSU faculty to expand their field knowledge, gain international teaching experience, and establish or reconnect with overseas colleagues and contacts while helping to build a more international SJSU curriculum.

Program Guidelines

Guidelines for program criteria, faculty eligibility, and compensation

Proposal Process

A step-by-step proposal guide with resources and forms

List of Faculty-Led Programs

Current listing of FLPs

For specific questions not answered here, please contact the FLP Office at flpfaculty-group@sjsu.edu.