Program Guidelines

Program Criteria


FLPs must carry a minimum of 3 units, and generally carry no more than 6 units. Each unit requires a minimum of 15 contact hours of instruction, meaning that most programs are abroad for at least one week for each unit. Programs should have a clear academic focus and objectives. Excursions should be relevant to the course subject and academic content of the program. (FLPs are not travel tours.) The FLP course(s) must currently be in the course catalog.  In addition, there are special considerations for SJSU Studies courses - for more information see


FLPs should take place in a country where the faculty leader has some previous travel, study, research, or teaching experience. The program should demonstrate the faculty leader’s knowledge of the host environment and on-site contacts while engaging participants with the local culture.

Budgeting and Enrollment

FLPs are completely self-supporting. This means that the tuition, administrative fee, and program fee that comprises the total program cost is completely paid for by the students. In order for a program to be financially viable, faculty leaders must budget for and obtain a minimum number of students, typically 12–15 students per program. See Budget Worksheet (xlsx) and Instructions for Preparing a FLP Budget for an overview of program costs that need to be considered.

Faculty Eligibility

Any SJSU faculty member may propose and lead a FLP regardless of faculty status or rank. Two faculty members may choose to work together to co-lead a FLP, but to cover the added costs of a second faculty leader, the minimum student enrollment should be higher to keep the co-led program affordable and self-supporting. The FLP faculty leader may also choose to utilize a faculty assistant on the program. These assistants must be SJSU graduate students or employees and are not compensated above the cost of travel, accommodations, and per diem.

Non-SJSU faculty may become FLP leaders either by proposing to co-lead a FLP with a SJSU faculty member, or under certain circumstances, by obtaining a temporary SJSU faculty appointment.

All program leaders or assistants are expected to travel and stay with student participants throughout the entire course of the program.

*Due to liability reasons, faculty family and friends cannot accompany SJSU FLPs. Only the appointed faculty leaders and properly registered participants may travel with the program.


Faculty leaders are compensated for leading FLPs through student tuition fee-generated funds unless they waive compensation or arrange for alternate compensation through their departments or deans. Faculty salaries are based on the “Instructional Faculty, Special Programs” CSU Salary Schedule, Class Code 2322 (pdf). Faculty leaders’ travel, accommodations, and per diem expenses during the program are covered by student-generated program fees.