Things to Consider When Developing a FLP

It is recommended that faculty consider the following questions, but it is not required that all of the questions be answered in the FLP program description.


  1. What is the rationale for the program – what academic need does it fill?
  2. What will students gain from the program? How will outcomes be measured / assessed?
  3. How will the program complement current departmental offerings?
  4. How will the program strengthen SJSU’s internationalization efforts?


  1. Who are the intended participants for this program?
  2. Is there identifiable student interest in the program? If not, how can you create a demand for one?
  3. Is language proficiency required? If yes, will this limit student access?
  4. Can you recruit the minimum number of students needed for the program (at least 15)? What is the estimated enrollment? What is the maximum number?


  1. What is the location for the program, and why?
  2. Will the program stay in one location? Is there a need for travel to multiple locations, and why?
  3. What are the proposed program facilities?
  4. Will students need special visas or permits to enter the country? Visa cost? Ease of obtaining?
  5. How will travel arrangements be made?
  6. What academic institution abroad may serve as host or partner?
  7. Accessibility: Provide any information about the program’s format, activities, or selected travel or accommodations that might limit access for students with disabilities.
  8. Additional considerations (e.g. program travel related, local economy, safety)?


  1. Will the sponsoring department approve academic credit for the course(s)?
  2. Will the program offer students SJSU credit in an existing course? If not, will you develop a new course or use a general topics course?
  3. What course(s) will be taught? Will the courses fulfill SJSU GE requirements?
  4. Will the courses fulfill SJSU major requirements?
  5. Will the program have pre-sessions on the SJSU campus? If so, describe.
  6. What will be the post-program contribution to the SJSU campus?
  7. Will host country faculty or other US faculty teach all or some of the courses? List names of all teaching faculty.
  8. Will courses be taught in English or in another language? (specify)
  9. What instructional delivery methods will be used: classroom lectures? Tours? Site visits? Guest speakers? How will each of these support the academic focus of the program?
  10. Will students do internships or service learning? If so, describe.
  11. How will student performance be assessed?

Academic Support

  1. What on-site academic support services will be available (Computer labs, E-mail facility, language lab, library, etc.)
  2. Will there be a charge for any of these services?

Support Services

  1. What are your plans for an on-site orientation program?
  2. What type of housing facilities will be used? Home stays, Residence halls, Hotels?
  3. What arrangements will be made for meals?
  4. Will program related travel be included? (Field trips, excursions, professional visits, etc). If so, list and include in the budget. Are all field trips and excursions relevant to the academic content of the program?

Health and Safety

  1. Have you checked the US State Department list for travel warnings?
  2. What information do you have regarding known risks or dangers such as road conditions, areas of disease, forces of nature and political or social instability?
  3. What inoculations or other precautions do students need before departure? (Check with the Center for Disease Control.)
  4. What medical facilities are available to the students and director/faculty?
  5. What are your contingency plans to deal with sick/injured faculty and students?