Non-SJSU Programs

Students are welcome to participate in programs that are not certified by SJSU. However, due to liability issues, the SJSU Study Abroad Office is unable to provide advising for non-certified programs, and students must work independently with the program provider to apply and get information. SJSU cannot take responsibility for the academic quality of non-certified programs, nor does the university carry any liability for SJSU students who choose to participate in them. Students participating in non-SJSU programs should be aware of the following information:

  • All coursework on non-certified programs is considered “transfer credit.” After completing the program, students should submit a transcript to SJSU Admissions and Records and follow their normal transfer credit procedures. Students are encouraged to discuss the program with their academic advisor(s) prior to going abroad, but they cannot get pre-approval for program coursework or get a guarantee that the university will accept the credits before participating in the program.
  • Students are encouraged to keep all documents (syllabi, course descriptions, reading lists, tests, papers, etc.) from the program in case transfer credit evaluators have questions regarding the coursework taken on the program.
  • Students should research the academic quality of their program and make sure that the institution offering the program is accredited.
  • Students should speak to former participants in order to verify the quality of the program and have realistic expectations.
  • Students should complete “Leave of Absence” paperwork and inform SJSU Enrollment Services that they are going abroad through an independent study abroad program.
  • Students who are not enrolled at SJSU are not eligible to receive financial aid through the university. Participants in non-SJSU programs should apply for financial aid through the institution providing the program.