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We offer a range of Study Abroad programs on a semester and academic year basis. Our programs are held in conjunction with over 250 universities in 55 different countries. You can find the program that is right for you by searching by region, program type, or major.


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Our study abroad programs are also divided into the following two types:

SJSU Bilateral Programs

Reciprocal exchanges with international universities that SJSU has established exchange partnerships with. These exchanges offer the opportunity for students to also participate in potential internships or research projects. Students pay SJSU tuition and fees. Programs are for a semester or year.

CSU International Programs

Study abroad programs at a network of international universities run by the California State University system. Students pay average CSU fees, however, programs are also partially subsidized by the CSU system. All programs run for one year.


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Search By Major will soon be available through our new Education Abroad Search option.