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This is a reciprocal exchange relationship between SJSU and the Universidad de Burgos. Disciplines throughout the University are available for those fluent in written and spoken Spanish.

A 4–8 week intensive Spanish language & culture program is available during the summer for all levels of Spanish speakers, beginners to advanced.

  • Earn SJSU resident credits for all completed courses.
  • Pay your normal SJSU tuition and fees.
  • Use your financial aid and apply for scholarships.
  • Immerse yourself in Spanish culture.
  • Study for one semester or an academic year.
  • Gain an advantage when applying for jobs and graduate school.

City Facts

Burgos, Spain

Burgos is located a few hours north of Madrid in the province of Castile and Leon. It is close to the northern coast of Spain and the Bay of Biscay, as well as the Basque Country, with its well-known cities of Pamplona and Bilbao.

Burgos was founded in 884 and was one of the ancient capitols of Castile. Burgos is well known for its outstanding architecture, great historic traditions, and medieval Castilian ambience. Its Old Quarter boasts numerous Renaissance churches and palaces to explore. The Cathedral, which dominates the city skyline, is one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in all of Europe and is part of a well-known pilgrimage route across northern Spain. However, the history in Burgos also dates back much farther than written history. With the recent paleontological discoveries in Sierra de Atapuerco, about 20 miles from the city center, the province of Burgos is suspected to be the home of the earliest humans in Europe.

Campus Facts

University of Burgos

Created in 1994 after separating from the University of Valladolid, the University of Burgos has 11,000 students on two campuses. With many of its departments housed in refurbished medieval buildings, the university is steadily growing and expanding in both size and course offerings.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must:

  • be enrolled as an SJSU student for one semester prior to departure, or be a California community college student eligible to enter SJSU by the semester of departure,
  • have completed lower division requirements for your intended field of study,
  • have Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing by the semester of departure,
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.

For the semester and academic year program, students must have a strong background in the Spanish Language, completing Spanish language studies up to the high intermediate to advanced level.

The summer program for intensive Spanish language can accept all levels of Spanish study, including beginners. However, students are strongly encouraged to take at least one college-level Spanish course prior to the summer program.

Academic Program

Classes are in the form of lectures, seminars, and labs, depending on the course of study. Assessments are specific to subject areas but can include essays, examinations, and other course work. Most courses will require a final exam, which may count for 70–100% of the assessment for that course. Grades are given on a scale of 1–10 with 5 being the minimum passing grade. These grades will be given an SJSU grade equivalent upon your return. All student are required to be full time students while at Burgos, completing 12 contact hours of instruction per week.

UBU also offers an intensive Spanish Language and Culture program for 4–8 weeks during the summer. Students with all levels of Spanish language skills may participate in the summer program.

Areas of Study

  • Humanities and Education: Humanities (History, Literature, Geography), Education (Special, Foreign Language, Musical, Primary, Pre-Primary), Pedagogy, Audiovisual Communication
  • Law: Political Science and Administration
  • Science: Chemistry, Food Science and Technology
  • Economics and Business Studies: Business Administration, Public Administration, Management, Economics, Finance
  • Polytechnics: Engineering (Agricultural, Computer, Civil, Industrial)

Visit the Burgos website for more course details.


Students may participate in internships while studying in Burgos. The exchange program does not have formalized internships organized, but the university can provide support with internship placements or students can arrange their own internship.


A variety of housing options are available for academic year students including on campus residence halls, off campus student housing, or living with a host family. Both double occupancy rooms and single accommodations are possible. The price of accommodations varies greatly amongst all these options. Students attending for only a semester may have fewer options, as not all residencies accept single semester occupants.

Program Academic Calendar

Semester From–to
Fall Semester First of October–February*
Spring Semester Middle February–Late June

*Please note: This exchange is for an academic year or the Spring semester. Since the Fall semester goes until early February, only students who are graduating or don’t mind missing the SJSU Spring semester may participate for the Fall semester only.

Financing Your Semester

Estimated Costs

SJSU Tuition & Fees 3,585.00

These costs are current as of 2012–13. These are estimated costs for the whole semester. Consult the Bursar’s Office for up-to-date information on tuition and fees. Personal expenses may vary among different students, and those who will be doing a lot of traveling during the school break and after the program should estimate higher.

Round Trip Transportation 1,100.00
Room and Meals 5,000.00
Student Visa 300.00
Books & Supplies 350.00
Insurance 350.00
Personal Expenses 2,000.00
Total $12,685.00

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