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  • Earn SJSU resident credits for all completed courses.
  • Pay your normal SJSU tuition and fees.
  • Use your financial aid and apply for scholarships.
  • Immerse yourself in German culture.
  • Study for one semester or an academic year.
  • Gain an advantage when applying for jobs and graduate school.

City Facts

Darmstadt, Germany

The historic home of the Landgraves and Grand Dukes of Hesse-Darmstadt, the city of Darmstadt served as the capital of the Republic of Hesse for several decades up to the Second World War. Some of the many historical sites include its 500-year-old “City Church,” the 15th century “White Tower,” and a number of palaces such as the “Darmstadt Palace,” located in the center of town.

Most of the city’s attractions are free for students, including its highly acclaimed theater. Several museums of history, art, and technology are also highlights of the city. There is even a Cybernarium, where visitors can experience unique exhibits based on technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Public transportation is free to students within the city of Darmstadt, as well as to Frankfurt and other areas of Germany. For all that Darmstadt has to offer, it is no wonder that it is known as both a city of Science, and a city in which the arts live.

Campus Facts

Founded in 1971, Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da) is a young and innovative university, which is now an integral part of the academic landscape of the city of Darmstadt. The Faculty of Design can trace its roots back to the artists’ colony founded in the Mathildenhohe district of Darmstadt in 1889. This colony became a major center of the German Art Nouveau movement and had a considerable influence on the founders of the revolutionary art and design school of Bauhous. The university fosters a small, intimate community of students and professors. h_da’s Faculty of Design offers a high-quality design education for its 450 students and enjoys a national and international reputation for its exceptional standards of teaching.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must:

  • Be enrolled as an SJSU student for one semester prior to departure, or be a California community college student eligible to enter SJSU by the semester of departure,
  • Complete lower division requirements for your intended field of Design study,
  • Have Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing by the semester of departure,
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Although German language is not required to participate, we strongly encourage students to take 1–2 courses in German prior to departure and continue with German courses while at h_da.

Academic Program

At Darmstadt the approach to education involves the integration of various systematic and creative processes. Students have the opportunity to approach tasks in an analytical and rational way, but are also provided with the latitude required to respond intuitively and creatively. The goal is to foster natural artistic talent and the ability to plan.

At Darmstatdt, students have access to high-quality equipment for their education. Practical design tasks are combined with visionary and highly experimental work. SJSU students take 5–7 classes. There are usually 3–15 students per class. A typical course of study is:

Communication (Graphic) Design


Project (conception and design)
Implementation of Project
Visualization methods of drawing

Choose One:

Experimental Design
Packaging Design
Exhibitions Design


German Language Course
Economics (knowledge of German required)
Marketing (knowledge of German required)
Aesthetics (knowledge of German required)

Industrial Design


Project (conception and design)
Implementation of Project (Model making)
Visualization methods and techniques

Choose One:

Experimental Design
Presentation Skills


Materials and Manufacturing Technology
Studio Photography and Photography Lab
Technical Conception
German Language Course
Economics (knowledge of German required)

Course list and Industrial-Design course list


On campus housing at Darmstadt is not only a great way to meet other international students, but is usually more affordable. Students can also choose to find their own housing in apartments off campus.

Program Academic Calendar

Spring Semester Only (Feb–June)

Financing Your Semester

Estimated Costs

SJSU Tuition & Fees 3,585.00

These costs are current as of 2012–13. These are estimated costs for the whole semester. Consult the Bursar’s Office for up-to-date information on tuition and fees. Personal expenses may vary among different students, and those who will be doing a lot of traveling during the school break and after the program should estimate higher.

Round Trip Transportation 900.00
Room & Meals 5,300.00
Books & Supplies 400.00
Insurance 350.00
Personal Expenses 2,200.00
Total $12,735.00

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