Faculty-Led Programs


Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) are SJSU courses taught abroad by SJSU faculty from various academic fields for 1 - 4 weeks during the winter, spring, and summer breaks. 

FLPs offer SJSU Special Session courses and typically range from 3 - 6 units. A majority of our programs satisfy upper division GE courses (Area R, S, & V) and some also offer major-specific courses. 

Faculty-Led Programs are great for students who:

  • want to work towards their graduation by earning SJSU credit on short-term programs.
  • want to study abroad but do not want to leave their extracurricular activities (clubs, fraternities, sororities, etc.) by embarking on long-term programs.
  • are working and cannot be away from work for a semester or longer.
  • are first-time travelers that do not want to travel alone (in FLPs, you are accompanied by other SJSU students and faculty during your trip).
  • are in majors that do not allow the flexibility to study abroad for a semester or longer.
  • want to gain a competitive edge in their respective job markets by developing soft skills highly sought out by recruiters. Check out this news articleon how studying abroad can improve your employability. 
  • have family commitments and cannot be away from the family for a semester or longer.




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