Costa Rica: Pura Vida - Active Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Pura Vida, Costa Rica


January 2 - January 12, 2021  

Program Description 

Study conservation and eco-tourism, and earn activity credits in hiking and backpacking! This Faculty-Led Program offers multiple activity courses for study and analysis, including the topics of conservation, preservation, hiking, activity, and culture.

Costa Rica is the perfect example of a Latin American country that has focused its economy on recreation and tourism while protecting its natural resources with great success. How have they put these principles into practice through focused activity-based tourism? We will contrast this with activity tourism in the USA. This course is open to all majors and especially for any that need activity classes! Activities include:

  • Visit a National Turtle Preserve
  • Speak to experts about activity and tourism in Costa Rica
  • Tour a variety of ecosystems, such as mangrove forests & beach environments
  • Take guided hikes through National Parks


KIN 063A Beginning Hiking and Backpacking (1 unit)

This course is designed to impart skills such as topographical map reading, navigation and hiking in front country and back country. The emphasis will be on logistics and operations of adventure excursions and fitness in various wilderness environments. There will be class meetings and hiking excursions, as well as one overnight backpacking excursion.


* All prerequisites must be completed prior to the posted course registration dates.




Program Leader: Kristine "Kirky" Kirkendall

Kristine Kirkendall, or Kirky, is passionate about exploring and adventuring! Having worked in Recreation at SJSU since 2007, it has been her life's work to introduce individuals and groups to sustainable, conservation work with activity. Kirky has taught the Hiking and Backpacking class for over three years and loves to get out for some "dirt time" locally and abroad. She has worked for over ten years with a travel company, Backroads, which is an international adventure travel company. It is exciting to see how people of all kinds can come together and bond around active travel.

This FLP to Costa Rica is the perfect blend of her passions! There will be activity, travel, learning, and fun!




It is important to note that each program's total cost will vary depending on the location and the package it offers.

$250 SJSU Special Session Tuition ($250 per unit)
$200 Administration Fee
$1,545 Program fees, lodging, and class related tours approximately**
$1,995  Total Program Cost*


* This amount is for 1 unit. If you choose to take KIN 063A and KIN 063B, the total program cost will be $1,895.

** Airfare is not included.



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