FLP Application Process

Application Timeline

Summer 2015 FLP deadlines coming soon!

Task Summer 2014 FLP Deadlines
FLP Application and Supplementary Forms Deadline March 10, 2014
Deposit (Pre-pay) Payment Window March 5 - 17, 2014
FLP Course Registration Window March 24 - May 10, 2014
Full Payment Deadline April 29, 2014
Attend Pre-Departure Workshop May 9, 2014

1. Complete the FLP Application Form

Instruction: please download the PDF form and open with Adobe Reader to fill out the form. (Mac users try to avoid using Preview to fill out the PDF form) 

Email the FLP Student Application Form to 2 people:

  1. The individual program faculty leader(s)
  2. The general study abroad email (facultyledprograms@sjsu.edu)

Make sure the subject line reads “FLP Student Application” and the attached application is saved as “FLPYear.LastName.FirstName.Country” (ex: FLP2015.Xavier.Charles.England).

2. Make your Pre-Pay

After submitting your application the Study Abroad Office and your faculty leader will determine your eligibility for the program.  If you are accepted into the program you will be notified of this official acceptance and you will have 3 business days to log in to your MySJSU and make a pre-payment (deposit) of $500.  If you do not complete your pre-pay by the deadline specified in , you may lose your place in the program. 

Payments can be made online at MySJSU by selecting the FLP Pre-Pay option (instruction), or in person at the bursar’s office (make sure to tell the cashier you are making a pre-pay for a FLP). If writing a check, make it out to SJSU and in the memo, write “Faculty-Led Program” as well as the term and year and include your SJSU ID. Mailed checks can be sent to the following address:

San José State University
Bursar’s Office-Cashiering
One Washington Square SSC
San José, CA 95192-0138

Keep in mind that if you have an outstanding balance on your account at the time you make your deposit, your deposit will go to cover the outstanding balance first. This means that your payment will be used toward your previous balance and NOT to cover the FLP costs. While this still counts as you having made your deposit, keep in mind that you will then need to later pay the full FLP cost (instead of the full cost minus your deposit as would have been the case if you had no outstanding balance to begin with.

Read the cancellation and refund policy for FLPs here.

3. Complete the FLP Supplementary Forms

When you receive your official acceptance into the program you will also receive information about the next steps as well as links to these 3 required supplementary forms. Complete them and send them to the FLP Office email (facultyledprograms@sjsu.edu) by the given deadline. 

4. Register for your FLP course online

After making your program pre-pay you will receive a notification that you are able to register for your FLP course(s).  You have a window of time to register for your FLP course online through your MySJSU from the date of this notice until the stated deadline above. Make sure to register during this window or your place in the program could be lost.

5. Make the full program payment

At any time during the FLP application process after you have been officially accepted into the program up until the payment deadline, you can make your full program payment to the Bursar’s office. Keep in mind that if you had an outstanding balance at the time of your program deposit, you will still need to pay the full FLP cost even though you previously made a deposit.

FLP Refund Statement:

Please be aware that once you have made your pre-pay, you are officially considered enrolled in the program and you will be responsible for all associated program charges.  An administrative fee of $200 of your $500 pre-pay is non-refundable. 

Dates Refund
Before April 29, 2014 100% Refund
Minus $200 Administration Fee
April 29 - May 6, 2014 50% of Program Fee and 100% of Tuition Fee
Minus $200 Administration Fee
May 7 - Before program starts* 0% of Program Fee and 100% of Tuition Fee
Minus $200 Administration Fee
After program starts* No Refund

* Please Note: Program start day and program fee varies by programs.

Faculty-led courses may be cancelled if enrollment is insufficient to provide appropriate instruction or if contracts with providers are incomplete before the start of course registration. If a course is cancelled, tuition fees will be refunded. However, SJSU is not responsible for refunding any personal expenses (e.g. flights, spending money, etc.) if the program is cancelled for any reason. Airfares and other individual expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Because no personal expenses will be refunded, IPS recommends that all study abroad students consider trip cancellation insurance to cover travel arrangements in the event of a cancellation or delay due to certain unforeseen events, such as documented serious illness or hospitalization.

6. Attend the Pre-Departure Workshop

All FLP participants are required to attend a pre-departure workshop that covers basic cultural, health, and safety information for going abroad. Details of the date of the workshop will be emailed to participants.