Volunteering Abroad

SJSU students may participate in international internships during a study abroad program with select Bilateral Exchange Partner Institutions. See SJSU Bilateral Programs.

Thompson Global Internship Program

The Thompson Global Internship Program is a unique opportunity for SJSU College of Business students to live abroad while completing a project for Crown Worldwide Group. You will work together in teams with other similarly qualified students on a significant and meaningful project at Crown's headquarters in Hong Kong or one of its other many locations.

Crown Worldwide Group will provide funds for travel expenses, accommodations, per diem and salary ($15 per hour). The international internship will require you to work 40 hours per week on a company-designated project. The benefits of participation are many: international experience, practical education and job experience in your chosen field, cultural discovery, and more.


The following are organizations that offer volunteering and/or interning opportunities:

Peace Corps

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Projects Abroad



Cross Cultural Solutions

Cultural Embrace

Travel To Teach

Experiential Learning Abroad Program (ELAP)



Volunteer In Asia (VIA)

Intrax Internships

Comunidad Connect


      *Volunteer exchange program for students with disabilities.


       *International Association for the Exchange of Students for 

         Technical Experience.