Measles and Rubella, Heptatits B Immunizations

Certificate of Immunization

New SJSU students and students applying for readmission to SJSU born after January 1, 1957 are required to present proof of measles and rubella immunizations.

Proof of immunization shall be required for certain groups of enrolled students who have increased exposure to these diseases, including students who reside in campus residence halls, students whose primary and secondary schooling were obtained outside the U.S. and students who are enrolled in dietetic, medical technology, nursing or physical therapy as well as any practicum, student teaching or field work involving pre-school age or school age children or taking place in a hospital or healthcare setting. Check with the Student Health Center about immunization, if needed.

San José State University students who enrolled for the first time and were 18 years of age or younger, need to provide proof of immunization against Hepatitis B prior to enrolling. Check with the Student Health Center about immunization, if needed. Failure to show proof of immunization will generate a hold on your records.

Take proof of immunization to the Student Services Center or fax your proof of immunization to 408-924-2077. Remember to include your social security number on the proof of immunization.

Please note that all documents will be shredded once the system has been updated.

For more information, please visit Immunization Requirement.