Golden Four (G4) GE Courses

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What are the "Golden Four" requirements?

The "Golden Four" requirements are basic skills which are required of all university students. 

  • Oral Communication (A1)
  • Written Communication (A2)
  • Critical Thinking (A3)
  • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)

Tuition & Fees

The cost for one unit for one of the Golden Four classes is $350 per unit. All of the courses are three or four units.


To register, request an add code from the Instructor via email and then follow the registration instruction on the How to Register section. No registration available prior to June 2, 2014.

Online: Take General Education courses required to transfer to any CSU anywhere in the world

Are you missing the general education courses needed to transfer to a CSU? We have the answer for you. San José State University (SJSU) is now offering the "Golden Four" courses online during Summer Session. These are the General Education courses required to transfer to any CSU degree program. A grade of "C" (2.0) or better is required for acceptance.

  • No admission to the university is necessary – enrollment is open
  • No application fees are required
  • You can take one or more courses as needed
  • All courses are transferable throughout the CSU system
  • Convenience and flexibility of online coursework with quality SJSU faculty

Course List

The following "Golden Four" courses are offer in Summer 2014. All courses are completely online and are taught by SJSU faculty.

Critical Thinking (A3)

HIST 50: Historical Process: Understanding Historical Reasoning
Explore geographical and ecological factors that led Eurasian societies to develop technology and tools not available in other parts of the world. Observe slavery as part of a global system of human trafficking and examine reason for the institutionalization of slavery in what becomes the United States. Lastly, analyze the limits of anti-slavery thought after the American Revolution.

Course Sec Class # Units Type Mode Instructor Date
HIST 50 1 30243 3.0 Seminar Online Ruma Chopra 6/2/14 - 7/3/14

COMM 41: Critical Decision Making
Critical reasoning and problem solving in group discussion. Examination of the relationship between critical decision-making and group communication. Practice in group problem solving as a means for developing critical thinking skills.

Course Sec Class # Units Type Mode Instructor Date
COMM 41 82 30170 3.0 Lecture Online Gina Firenzi 6/2/14 - 8/8/14

Oral Communication (A1)

COMM 20: Public Speaking 
Principles of rhetoric applied to oral communication; selecting, analyzing, adapting, organizing and delivering ideas effectively.

Course Sec Class # Units Type Mode Instructor Date
COMM 20 80 30097 3.0 Lecture Online Gina Firenzi 6/2/14 - 8/8/14

For more other Summer Session courses, visit the 2014 Summer Schedule for details. All courses are in alphabetical order by subject.