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Sustainability Board

Kristen Wonder, Co-chair

Joshua Baur, Co-chair 

Facilities Development and Operations

Facilities Development and Operations (FD&O) is a service group of the Administration & Finance Division. Their primary objective is to support campus programs. FD&O blends industry best practice, energy efficiency, and University Sustainability efforts to proudly serve our diverse campus community.


Environmental Resource Center

The Environmental Resource Center (ERC) is a student-run organization at SJSU, connected to the Department of Environmental Studies. ERC has served SJSU with an annual Earth Day celebration, an environmental library, and other projects that promote sustainable living. Students practice leadership and communication skills as they work on sustainable projects on campus and in the local community.


Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions is a part of an overall effort to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce the high demand for limited campus parking facilities. Visit their website for more information for bike-sharing programs, discount train fares, and other sustainable ways to get around.


Spartan Eats

Spartan Eats is dedicated to providing top quality goods and services to SJSU students, faculty, staff, and guests. As part of the largest and oldest learning institution in the California State University system, Spartan Eats consistently provides excellent services to its customers.