University Sustainability Board Members

Since January 2011, the volunteer members of the University Sustainability Board have been working on establishing University-wide sustainability goals and metrics. 

The Board also works with different departments at the university to centralize SJSU’s sustainability efforts, and to educate and engage the campus community through research, projects, workshops, and other events.

University Sustainability Board Members

Kristen Wonder, co-chair

Facilities, Development and Operations 

Joshua Baur, co-chair

Applied Sciences and the Arts

Debbie Andres

Facilities Development & Operations

Candice Piper

VP for Advancement of designee

Walt Jacobs

Council of Deans

Stephanie Fabian

Executive Director of Spartan Shops or designee

Esperanza Huerta


Patricia Lopez


Xhavin Sinha


Connie Hwang

Humanities & the Arts

Megan Thiele

Social Sciences

Katherine Richardson


Rima Nemali

General Unit

Tessa Mendes

Student Affairs & Associated Students

Cher Jones

Staff Member


Student (Appt. by VP Student Affairs)