List of Courses

San Jose State University offers more than 379 courses that are related to sustainability and the environment. Browse through the list below to see the wide range of classes offered by different colleges and departments.

College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA)

APSC 109 Climate Solutions Initiative

HRTM 101 Multicultural & International Issues in Hospitality

HRTM 103 Facility Planning and Design in Hospitality & Tourism

HRTM 109 Ecology , Culture and Responsible Recreation

HRTM 135 Planning and Managing Recreation Areas and Facilities

HRTM 136 Principles of Recreation and Park Administration

HRTM 141 Resort and Club Management

HRTM 156 Principles of Sustainable Travel and Tourism

HRTM 157 Sustainable Recreation & Ecotourism

HRTM 215 International Tourism Trends and Issues

HRTM 218 Tourism Planning and Development

HRTM 94 The Outdoor Recreation Experience

HRTM/NUFS 20 Sanitation and Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry

HS 104 Community Health Promotion

HS 161 Epidemiology

HS 167 Biostatistics

HS 172 Contemporary Environmental Health Issues

HS 265 Environmental Health

HS 266 Computational Public Health Statistics

JS 116 Human Rights and Justice

KIN 169 Diversity, Stress and Health

KIN 256 Environmental Exercise Physiology

NUFS 103 Food Processing and Packaging

NUFS 111 Food Service Production Management

NUFS 112 Food Service Procurement

NUFS 114A Community Nutrition for Majors

NUFS 115 Issues in Food Toxicology

NUFS 116 Aging and Nutrition

NUFS117 Food Evaluation Techniques

NUFS133 Food Processing and Packaging II

NUFS139 Hunger and Environmental Nutrition

NUFS150 Food and Nutritional Toxicology

NUFS170 Packaging Development and Management

NUFS20 Sanitation and Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry

NURS200 Health Care Systems

NURS204 Diverse Populations and Health Care

NURS266 Health Care Informatics

NURS/PHIL111 Medical Ethics


PKG107 Principles of Packaging

PKG141A Packaging Materials I, Paper, Metal, and Wood Based

PKG141B Packaging Materials II, Plastics, Composites, and Glass

PKG146 Packaging for Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

PKG159 Packaging Material Handling and Distribution

PKG169 Food Packaging and Preservation

PKG170 Packaging Development and Management

SCWK190 Social Welfare: A World View


College of Business

BUS 109 Climate Solutions Initiative

BUS 118S e-World

BUS 119B Business Strategy and Information Systems

BUS 12 Money Matters

BUS 124 Forensic Accounting

BUS 128 Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations

BUS 129A Financial Auditing

BUS 129B Operational Auditing

BUS 12D Save the Earth!

BUS 132B Business Logistics

BUS 133C International Marketing: Developing Nations

BUS 134B Integrated Marketing Communications

BUS 140 Fundamentals of Operations Management

BUS 141 Materials Management

BUS 142 Total Quality Management

BUS 143 Business Management and Urban Planning Topics

BUS 14D When Your Rights Are Violated: Justice or Justification

BUS 151 Labor Relations

BUS 153 Management of Diversity

BUS 156 International Issues in Human Resource Management

BUS 157 Legal Issues in Human Resource Management

BUS 166 Business and Society

BUS 167 Managing Environmental Issues

BUS 168 Global Business and Human Rights

BUS 174 Risk Management and Insurance

BUS 177 International Business Finance

BUS 183 Global Entrepreneurship

BUS 186 Professional and Business Ethics

BUS 186S Current Issues in Entrepreneurship

BUS 187 Global Dimensions of Business

BUS 188 Business Systems and Policy

BUS 189 Strategic Management

BUS 196S Green Entrepreneurship

BUS 196U Sustainable Supply Chains

BUS 200 Business, Economics and Society

BUS 202 Managing in the Global Economy

BUS 220F Management Accounting and Control Systems

BUS 220H Auditing Concepts & Practice

BUS 220I Forensic Accounting

BUS 220L Legal & Ethical Environment of Accounting

BUS 222 Profit Planning and Control

BUS 232 Third World Marketing Manager

BUS 233 Business to Business Marketing

BUS 236 Current Topics in Marketing

BUS 250 Law and Ethics

BUS 251 Personnel and Labor Relations

BUS 255 Diversity in the Workforce

BUS 256 Labor and Employment Law

BUS 261 Legal Challenges for the International Manager

BUS 262 Leadership

BUS 264A Professional/Business Ethics

BUS 268A Global Business Management

BUS 269 Strategic Management in the Computer Industry

BUS 280 Operations and Supply Chain Management

BUS 284 Managing Product Development

BUS 285 Total Quality Management

BUS 286 Project Management

BUS 287 Advanced Topics in Global Supply Chain Management

BUS 290 Strategic Thinking

BUS 291 Global Strategy

BUS 292 International Program Studies

BUS 80  Legal Environment of Business


MTM 201 Fundamentals of Transportation Management

MTM 214 Transportation Policy and Regulation

MTM 215 Transportation System Planning and Development

MTM 221 Introduction to Transportation Technology

MTM 236 Contemporary Issues in Transportation Management

MTM 290 Strategic Management in Transportation

MTM 297 Special Topics in Transportation Management


College of Engineering

AVIA 128 Aviation Safety and Security

AVIA 176 Airline Operations and Management


CD 123  Highway and Street Design

CD 241  Groundwater Seepage and Drainage Control


CE 112   Mechanics of Materials

CE 121   Transportation Engineering

CE 122   Traffic Engineering

CE 140   Soil Mechanics

CE 152   Engineering Hydrology

CE 153   Groundwater Flow and Transport

CE 170   Principles of Environmental Engineering

CE 173   Engineering for the Environment

CE 222   Transportation Engineering planning

CE 224   Traffic Operations

CE 226   Topics in Trannsportaiton Engineering

CE 242   Experimental Soil Mechanics

CE 250   Water Resources Engineering

CE 252   Advanced Hydrology

CE 255   Sediment Transport

CE 271   Physical/Chemical Processes in Environmental Pollution Control

CE 272   Biological Processes in Environmental Pollution Control

CE 274   Wastewater Treatment and Plant Design

CE 275   Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management and Treatment

CE 279   Special Topics in Environmental Engineering


CHE 210 Fundamentals of Environmental Principles and Calculations


EE 198A Senior Design Projects

EE 198B Senior Design Projects


EE/MATE 165 Design of Solar Cells


ENGR 10 Introduction to Engineering

ENGR 100W Engineering Reports on the Earth & Environment


IE 159 Materials Handling and Distribution

IE 247 Logistics of Supply Chain


ISE 141A Packaging Materials I

ISE 141B Packaging Materials II

ISE 146  Packaging for Food, Drug, and Cosmetics

ISE 155  Supply Chain Engineering

ISE 245  Advanced Supply Chain Engineering


MATE 135 Introduction to Composite Materials

ME 170 Solar Energy Engineering

ME 172 Alternative and Renewable Energy Resources

ME 198 Techology and Civilization


TECH 045 Sustainable Facilities Design and Planning

TECH 140 Green and Sustainable Product Design

TECH 145 Lean Manufacturing

TECH 147 Green Manufacturing Analysis and Management

TECH 149 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

TECH 190 Senior Seminar in Technology

TECH 198 Technology and Civilization

College of Education

CHAD 160 Child Development

EDEL 108B Curriculum: Science


College of Humanities & Arts

AMS/HUM 159 Nature and World Cultures


ArtH 072 Design in Society

ArtH 192C History of Interior Design


DIST 116 Solar Energy Theory and Applications

DIST 132 Solar Home Design


DSID 130 Sustainable Design


MUSC/ASIA 019 Music in World Cultures


PHIL 126 Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

PHIL/BUS/JS 186 Professional and Business Ethics


RELS 164 New Challenges in Nature and Religion


RTVF 040 Telecommunications and Society

RTVF 110 Electronic Media and Culture


College of Science

BIOL 002 Animal Biology

BIOL 010 The Living World

BIOL 020 Ecological Biology

BIOL 104A/104B Natural History of California Wildlife

BIOL 110 Biodiversity and Biopolitics

BIOL 112 Hazardous Waste

BIOL 118 Evolutionary Genetics

BIOL 122 Bacterial Diversity

BIOL 137 Principles of Toxicology

BIOL 150 Field Studies in Natural History

BIOL 160 Ecology

BIOL 163 Conservation Biology

BIOL 164 Conservation and Management Techniques

BIOL 164 Conservation Biology Techniques

BIOL 165 Plant Communities of California

BIOL 172 Ecology of Inland and Estuarine Waters

BIOL 190/225E Field Course in Amazon Forest


CHEM 212 Natural Products


ENT 150 Biological Control


GEOL 004L Planet Earth Lab

GEOL 103 Earth Systems and the Environment

GEOL 108 Water, Ecosystems and Society

GEOL 111 Geology and the Environment

GEOL 138 Hydrogeology

GEOL 147 Introduction to Applied Geophysics


METR 012 Global Warming: Science and Solutions

METR 112 Global Climate Changes

METR 113 Atmospheric Pollution

METR 130 Boundary Layer Meteorology

METR 131 Air Pollution Meteorology

METR 135 The Global Carbon Cycle

METR 168 Global Climate Change I

METR 168W Global Climate Change II

METR 173 Global Climate Modeling

METR 174 Global Climate Change and Implications


MICR 122 Bacterial Diversity

MS 144 Biological Oceanography

MS 211 Ecology of Marine Turtles, Birds, and Mammals

MS 231 Biology of Seaweeds

MS 233 Advanced Topics in Marine Ecology

MS 234 Advanced Biological Oceanography

MS 272 Subtidal Ecology

MS 273 Marine Environmental Studies of the Gulf of California


College of Social Sciences

AFAM 151             Race, Poverty and the Environment

AFAM 159             Economic Issues in the Black Community


ANTH 105              Applied Anthropology

ANTH 115              Emerging Global Cultures

ANTH 117              Human Ecology

ANTH 125              Urban Anthropology

ANTH 132              Creating Built Worlds

ANTH 143              Culture and Adaptation

ANTH 149              Ethnographic Methods

ANTH 163              Coastal & Island Societies


COMM 130           Social Movments

COMM 146           Communication and the Environment

COMM 168W      Global Climate Change II

COMM 296R        Seminar in Environmental Communication

COMM/GEOL/HUM/METR 168     Global Climate Change I & II


ECON 107              Environmental Economics and Policy

ECON 108              Cost-Benefit Analysis


ENVS 1                  Introduction to Environmental Issues

ENVS 10                  Life on a Changing Planet

ENVS 100W          Environmental Research and Writing

ENVS 105               Environmental Change and Problems, San Francisco Bay Area

ENVS 107               Introdution to Environmental Economics and Policy

ENVS 108               Cost-Benefit Analysis

ENVS 110               Resource Analysis

ENVS 111               Geology and the Environment

ENVS 112               Hazardous Waste

ENVS 113               Atmospheric Pollution

ENVS 116               Solar Energy Theory and Applications

ENVS 117               Human Ecology

ENVS 118               Gardens, Culture, and Environment

ENVS 119               Energy and the Environment

ENVS 121               Population and Global Change

ENVS 123               Historic Preservation and Neighborhood Revival

ENVS 124               Introduction to Environmental Law

ENVS 125               Advanced Environmental Law

ENVS 126               Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

ENVS 128               Water Resource Management

ENVS 129               Water Policy in the U.S. West

ENVS 130               Energy Policy Analysis

ENVS 131               Air Pollution Meteorology

ENVS 132               Solar Home Design

ENVS 133               Alternative Energy Strategies

ENVS 134               Topic in Historic Preservation

ENVS 135               U.S. Environmental Policy

ENVS 136               Introduction to Land Use and Facilities Planning

ENVS 137               Green Building Design Issues

ENVS 140               Politics and the Environment

ENVS 142               Introduction to Environmental Planning

ENVS 144               California Wetland Controversies

ENVS 146               Communication and the Environment

ENVS 148               Recycling and Resource Management

ENVS 150               Seminar: U.S. Environmental Thought

ENVS 151               Race, Poverty and the Environment

ENVS 152               Environmental Issues and Global Distribution of Goods

ENVS 154               Sustainable Agriculture

ENVS 158               Environmental Education

ENVS 159               Nature and World Cultures

ENVS 164               New Challenges in Nature and Religion

ENVS 165               National Parks

ENVS 166               Nature and Conservation Photography

ENVS 167               Managing Environmental Issues

ENVS 169               Introduction to Computers in Planning

ENVS 170               Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety

ENVS 173               Sustainable Forest Management

ENVS 178               Introduction to Transportation and Urban Plannning

ENVS 179               Urban GIS

ENVS 181               Environmental Resource Center

ENVS 184               Directed Reading

ENVS 185               Environmental Impact Analysis

ENVS 187               Environmental Restoration

ENVS 189               Coastal Field Studies

ENVS 190               Advanced EIA

ENVS 191               Advanced Environmental Restoration

ENVS 193               Supervised Projects

ENVS 194               Environmental Internship

ENVS 195               Instructor Assistant in Environmental Studies

ENVS 198               Senior Seminar

ENVS 199               Senior Thesis

ENVS 200               Seminar: Environmental Methods

ENVS 230               Seminar: Environmental Theory

ENVS 250               Seminar: U.S. Environmental Thought

ENVS 260               Computer Applications in Environmental Analysis

ENVS 270               Field Studies in Water Resource Management

ENVS 285               Graduate Internship

ENVS 295               Graduate Teaching Assistant

ENVS 297               Research and Proposal Writing

ENVS 298               Special Study: Master's Project

ENVS 299               Master's Thesis


GEOG 1                 Physical Geography

GEOG 105             Urban Geography

GEOG 112             Nations, Cultures, Territorial Disputes

GEOG 115             Economic Geography

GEOG 120             Food Supply and Agricultural Systems

GEOG 121             Population and Global Change

GEOG 124             Topics in Physical Geography

GEOG 125             Topics in Human Geography

GEOG 130             Natural Resources

GEOG 181             Remote Sensing: Basic Theory and Image Interpretation

GEOG 182             Remote Sensing: Digital Analysis

GEOG 186             Field Study and Geographic Surveying

GEOG 187             Field Study, International


GEOL 003/10        Planet Earth

GEOL 112              Hazards, Risks of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

GEOL 171              The End of the World


HIST 123               Historic Preservation and Neighborhood Revival


METR 10                Weather and Climate


MS 143                   Chemical Oceanography


POLS 135               U.S. Environmental Policy


SOCI/UNVS 057    Community Involvement and Personal Growth


URBP 101              The City

URBP 111              Urbanization in Developing Countries

URBP 123              Historic Preservation and Neighborhood Revival

URBP 125              Urban Anthropology

URBP 126              Introduction to Urban Form in the Third World

URBP 127              Urban Native American Issues

URBP 132              Creating Built Worlds

URBP 133              Introduction to Social Issues in Planning

URBP 134              Topics in Historic Preservation

URBP 136              Introduction to Land Use and Facilities Planning

URBP 142              Introduction to Environmental Planning

URBP 142/240   Introduction to Environmental Planning

URBP 145              Urban Policy and Its Impact on Inner City Residents

URBP 169              Introduction to Computers in Planning

URBP 178              Introduction to Transportation and Urban Planning

URBP 179              Urban Geographic Information Systems

URBP 185              Environmental Impact Analysis

URBP 211              Regional Analysis and Planning

URBP 225              Land Use and Urban Planning

URBP 226              Regional Transportation Planning

URBP 229              Planning and Environmental Law

URBP 255              Urban Growth Management

URBP 256              Transportation Planning: Local Issues

URBP 260              Environmental Planning Topics

URBP 275E           Historic Preservation Planning