Degree Programs

Engineering & Technology

BS and MS in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineers working in the environmental area are responsible for control of air pollution, remediation of contaminated water, hazardous materials management, waste reduction, industrial health and safety, risk analysis, and regulation.

Both full-time and part-time programs of study are offered leading to the MS ChE. degree specializing in Environmental Engineering. Prepares students for careers in alternative energy engineering and environmental, health and safety engineering.

BS and MS in Civil Engineering

SJSU’s Civil Engineering program embraces the latest in modern technology to solve many of the most important environmental and social challenges facing society.

Prepares students for careers in green building, water resources engineering, and sustainable transportation at mid-level. Also excellent preparation for Ph.D. programs.

BS and MS in Electrical Engineering

New technologies are paramount in the move to sustainable energy production and combatting climate change and this program would prepare students for careers in energy generation, transport, storage, and conservation. 

BS and MS in Industrial Technology

Curriculum has recently been entirely redesigned to address industry needs for sustainable manufacturing and green product design. Prepares students for careers in Clean Tech engineering and product design.

Minor in Green Engineering

The goals of this minor are to apply the principles of green and sustainable engineering to engineering problems; promote student understanding of sustainable energy conversion and storage; analyze the economic and environmental impact of biofuels, photovoltaics, rechargeable batteries, and fuel cells; promote student research projects that apply new sustainable and environmentally sound technologies and methods to real world problems; and use life cycle thinking in engineering activities. The Green Engineering minor is housed in the General Engineering department at SJSU. It was developed with the assistance of a green engineering advisory group.

MS in Engineering, with an Emphasis in Green Technology

The MSE Green Technology program with a focus on solar technologies will instruct students about the basics of green tech, sustainability, life cycle issues, and related topics. It was developed with the assistance of a green engineering advisory group and has been offered since Fall 2009. The program will also offer a solid background in related business, finance, and policy issues that must be factored in with the development and application of green technologies. Electives in the solar area will allow students to focus their academic program on a topic area that is critical to achieving global sustainability.

BS and MS in Materials Engineering

Material scientists and engineers work in Clean alternative energy, fuel cells, green manufacturing and biofuels. The study of new materials lead advancement in solar, thermal, mechanical and other environmentally responsible energy production.

BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a traditional engineering discipline encompassing diverse applications of science and technology. Mechanical engineers are employed by a wide range of environmental fields such as: power generation, alternative energy, biotechnology, and building/HVAC design, to name just a few.

Environmental Studies

Founded in 1970 as one of the first six interdisciplinary departments focused on the environment in the U.S. after the first Earth Day, these programs are an area of strength for the University. The programs provide students with a foundation in the natural and social sciences most relevant to sustainability. Programs are based on the concept of sustainability—balancing environmental, social, and economic issues for the overall benefit of people and the planet. All Environmental Studies degrees provide students with an interdisciplinary background in issues ranging from environmental ethics to endangered species. Plans are underway to obtain Advisory Boards.

BS in Environmental Studies 

BS Environmental Studies, with a Concentration in Energy

This concentration provides students with a focus on energy conservation and renewable energy sources. Typical students careers in this area include energy specialists with utility providers such as PG&E, and positions in renewable energy companies, and municipalities.

BS in Environmental Studies, with a Concentration in Environmental Impact Assessment

This concentration provides students with expertise on the California Environmental Quality Act’s (CEQA) intents and implementation. Graduates are prepared to be CEQA Specialists in city and county planning departments and consulting firms.

BS in Environmental Studies, with a Concentration in Environmental Restoration and Resource Management

This concentration provides students with theoretical and applied knowledge in the management of restoration projects and natural resources, especially forests & wetlands. Graduates are prepared for careers as Environmental Restoration Specialists for park districts, municipalities, land management agencies, government agencies, and consulting firms.

BS in Environmental Studies, with a Minor in Climate Change Strategies

his is a joint degree with Meteorology. Graduates gain knowledge of climate change science and policy solutions for addressing its adverse impacts.

BA in Environmental Studies, with Minor in Energy Policy and Green Building

This program provides students with a focus on energy policy and its integration with green building. Program prepares graduates for future careers as Energy Policy Specialists and green building consultants.

BA in Environmental Studies, with Minor in Sustainable Water Resources

This program provides students with a focus on water supply, use, treatment, and reuse, with an emphasis on policy and sustainable management. Geographical focus is California and the U.S. West. Program prepares graduates for future careers as Energy Policy Specialists and green building consultants.

BA in Environmental Studies, with a Minor in Park Ranger and Administration

This is a joint degree with West Valley Community College. Prepares students for positions in park administration and land management.

BA in Environmental Studies, Teacher Preparation

Designed to meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements for diversified subject matter preparation. Prepares students for careers in K-12 education and as environmental educators.

MS in Environmental Studies

This is a rigorous thesis-based program in which all students conduct original research on an interdisciplinary environmental issue. It is one of the oldest and most well respected interdisciplinary Master’s program of its kind in the state and is a particular strength of the University.

Biological Sciences

BS in Biological Sciences, Concentration in Conservation and Organismal Biology

The Department of Biological Sciences enrolls over 600 undergraduate and 100 graduate majors whose studies range from conservation biology to fisheries management. The department is known for its strong undergraduate and master's programs in Conservation and Organismal Biology and recently established a Biodiversity Center involving 11 Department faculty. This degree program prepares students for careers in conservation and resource management.

BS in Biological Sciences, Concentration in Marine Biology

Prepares students for careers in marine conservation and resource management

BA in Life Science, Concentration in Biodiversity Stewardship

Prepares students for careers in conservation and resource management

MS in Biological Sciences, Concentration in Organismal Biology, Conservation and Ecology

Rigorous research-based program. Excellent preparation for Ph.D. programs.

MS in Marine Science

Moss Landing Marine Labs is an internationally recognized center for Marine Science research supported by a consortium of seven California State Universities. Faculty and affiliated researchers conduct cutting-edge research in fields including marine reptiles, birds and mammals; chemical oceanography (trace metals); and sediment and nutrient transport. The MS is a rigorous research-based program that prepares students for mid-level positions in industry, government, and non-governmental organizations and is excellent preparation for Ph.D. programs. This is an environmental area of strength.


BS , BA and Minor Chemistry

Chemistry plays an integral role in solving everyday problems in areas such as energy production, pollution control and disease prevention. Our graduates go on to gain advanced degrees in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy and dentistry or enter the job market directly, building careers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biomedical, energy and green technology sectors.

Meteorology & Climate Science

BS Meteorology

SJSU is home to the only meteorology program in the CSU system, training students in weather forecasting, collection and analysis of climate data, and the environmental implications of climate change. The department offers a “Training the Weather Forecasters of Tomorrow” program, a two-week summer field program in weather analysis for undergraduate and graduate students.

BS Meteorology, Concentration in Climate Science

The degree is designed to prepare students for careers in emerging fields of climate change studies and mitigation, and related fields including energy and carbon management. Graduating students will be ready to begin careers in the private sector or in government, or will be ready to enter graduate programs in the atmospheric/climate sciences.

MS Meteorology

Research-based degree program covering topics in urban air pollution, climate change (atmospheric dynamics), regional wind modeling, and wind energy assessment.

Minor in Meteorology

Provides students with proficiency in meteorology that complements larger degree program.

Earth Sciences

BA in Earth Science

The Bay Area Earth Science Initiative has provided professional development to over 100 K-12 teachers in earth science, environmental, and climate science for each year for the past 25 years. 

BS in Geology

Degree offers flexible program that prepares students for admission to graduate programs in the geosciences, and for entry-level positions in engineering, geophysical and geological firms; in engineering, hazardous materials, regulatory, or ecological firms; in computer mapping firms; and in local, regional, and state government agencies.

MS in Geology

Graduates are employed as geologists, engineering geologists, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, geophysicists and environmental managers (in engineering, geological, geophysical and environmental consulting firms and in the mining and petroleum industries.) 

MS in Urban Planning with Specialization in Environmental Planning

The linkage between the built environment and the natural environment is a subject of growing concern to planners at the local, regional, and national levels. This concentration prepares graduates to understand the linkages between land use patterns and the natural environment, as well as the policy tools that planners use to promote sustainable urban development.