Research Projects

Sustainability research at SJSU focuses on ecological integrity, economic prosperity, and social and intergenerational equity.

Research projects address a sustainability challenge (such as climate change or poverty) and further our understanding of the interconnectedness of societal, economic, and environmental issues.

Sustainability research promotes culturally appropriate solutions that concurrently support economic prosperity, social well-being, and ecological vitality.

Research Projects
Related to Sustainability

Sustainability research is currently being conducted by over 557 SJSU faculty members.

In addition, ongoing sustainability research is conducted at two SJSU-affiliated programs:

  • Mineta Transportation Institute is a national University Transportation Center and a Center of Excellence specializing in policy studies related to surface transportation. MTI offers accredited graduate education programs through its affiliation with San Jose State University's College of Business.
  • Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) administers the Masters of Science program for a consortium of seven California State University campuses in northern and central California. An outfitted Marine Operations department, strong research diving program and state of the art equipment allow for cutting-edge research in a wide variety of disciplines including: marine ecology, the biology of marine plants, invertebrates, fishes, turtles, birds and mammals, oceanography, and marine geology, chemistry, and biogeochemistry.