What We've Accomplished

SJSU is proud to be a leader in campus sustainability. These are some of the projects that we’ve already implemented:


SJSU is one of only two CSU campuses with a large Cogeneration facility. This facility produces 6MW of electricity, steam, and chilled water.


Recycled water is used for cooling university buildings and irrigating campus grounds. Installing artificial turf at Spartan Stadium has saved 1 million gallons of water each year. 

LEED-Certified Buildings

The Martin Luther King Jr. Library was designed and built to meet LEED Silver standards. All new buildings on the SJSU campus will also be designed to LEED Silver standards.


Facilities Development & Operations has a “green fleet” of 68 electric maintenance carts.

Transportation Solutions, a branch of the Associated Students dedicated to promoting alternative transportation, initiates and promotes programs to reduce auto-related trips to campus. Currently, of those who commute to campus, approximately 60% come via alternative transportation.

Waste Reduction & Recycling

SJSU has a comprehensive campus recycling program that goes beyond just cans and bottles. We also recycle furniture, greenwaste, computers and electronics, paper, packaging materials, batteries, light bulbs, and much more. In 2009, our waste diversion rate was 91% (compared to 59% in 2006)!


Spartan Shops has been moving food served on campus toward sustainability with practices such as recycling 100% of cooking oil for biodiesel and by founding Grounded, a campus eatery serving only local, organic food. See their entire sustainability program.

Freshman Orientation

Each incoming freshman will receive a half sheet flyer titled "SJSU Sustainabiltiy at a Glance" in their welcome packet. The flier can be found here

FY 16/17 Sustainability Report

The SJSU Sustainability Report is complete for the FY 16/17. The report includes a message from the President and covers the following areas: Academics, Campus and Public Engagement, Buildings, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Landscaping, Purchasing and Procurement, Transportation, Waste Management, Water, and Spartan Shops.