Entrepreneur Profile

Michael Bayne (MBA, MSE, 2009)

ROTA began as a research project by SJSU student Michael Bayne (MBA, MSE, 2009). ROTA Mobility designs and markets innovative self-propelled wheelchairs and accessory products designed to prevent disease, promote consumer-driven health, and contribute to a sustainable planet for future generations.

While attending SJSU, Michael along with his father Chris, developed products RoTrike and RoChair. Michael first introduced the concept products at SJSU's Neat Ideas Fair winning first prize. ROTA was the subject of Michael's graduate thesis. Upon competition, he entered his work in SJSU's Business Plan Competition again winning first prize. With the prize money won, and support provided by the university's faculty, alumni and extended community, Michael has bootstrapped his venture to market.

ROTA Mobility was incorporated in 2009. Manufacturing has been established in the San Jose area. RoTrike and RoChair go on sale in Q1 of 2011 to the medical and consumer markets at large.

RoTrike and RoChair innovative self-propelled wheelchairs