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The Entrepreneurial Society at San Jose State 

The Entrepreneurial Society is here for the students, we aim to provide worthwhile lectures with noted valley veterans. It is important that our university spreads its wings and gets in contact with the industries we hope to be a part of. If you or your friends believe in a concept or an idea and wish to bounce it off of others, let us know. If you want advice or help or desire to create and develop an idea or product, let us know. We want to nurture the relationships we forge with the other disciplines within SJSU.

SJSU Professional Development -
Entrepreneurship Management Program 

This new program is an innovative approach to starting, building and running your own business. Market research shows that 80 percent of all new businesses fail within five years. This new certificate program provides entrepreneurs with the tools needed to succeed in overcoming those odds.

SVASE - Silicon Valley Associate of Startup Entrepreneurs 

Founded in 1995, The Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs within and beyond Silicon Valley to bring their ideas to life. SVASE provides entrepreneurs with the real-world business knowledge, contacts in the investment community, and network of service providers required to launch and manage successful start-ups.

SBA * Cisco Systems * San Jose Entrepreneur Center 

The SBA - Cisco Systems - San Jose Entrepreneur Center is a collaborative effort between the public sector, private industry and non-profit organizations to provide small business owners with the resources information and tools they need to be successful. Together, the sponsors and contributors have developed a one-stop location where start-up and existing businesses can come to fulfill all their needs-from financing to training to expert consulting to technology information and tools to the latest resources available on the market.

TIE - The IndUS Entrepreneurs 

The IndUS Entrepreneurs is a global, not-for-profit organization created for the advancement of entrepreneurship. The founders of TiE, themselves successful entrepreneurs, senior professionals and corporate executives with roots in the Indus Valley, came together in Silicon Valley in 1992 to create a forum for informal exchange of ideas.

SDForum - Software Development Forum 

The non-profit Software Development Forum (SDForum) is the premiere Silicon Valley organization connecting software professionals, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry experts and major technology companies. With a 10,000-person reach, 2000 individual members and 20-30 events each month, SDForum is the single best source of information, education and connection for people seeking to build a business and career in Silicon Valley.

The Churchill Club 

The Churchill Club is Silicon Valley's premier business and technology forum. The 5,000-member, nonprofit organization has built a reputation for dynamic, in-the-news programs featuring Silicon Valley CEOs, up-and-coming executives and national business leaders. The events regularly draw more than 400 attendees and give members the opportunity to network with the best of Silicon Valley.

ACG - The Association for Corporate Growth 

Founded in 1954, The Association for Corporate Growth is the premier association for and about professionals involved in middle-market corporate growth, corporate development, and mergers and acquisitions. It promotes the professional interests of its members, who have assumed leadership roles in strategic corporate growth, by offering a forum for quality programs, education and networking.

FWE - Forum for Women Entrepreneurs 

Founded in 1993, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) is the premier entrepreneurial organization for women building and leading high-growth technology and life science companies. FWE's mission is to accelerate women's opportunities to start, build, manage and invest in market-leading companies.

Mentornet - The e-Networking Network for Women in Engineering and Science 

MentorNet is The E-Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science. It pairs women who are studying engineering or science at one of its participating colleges or universities with professional scientists and engineers working in industry, and helps them form email based mentoring relationships. MentorNet is a nonprofit initiative sponsored through partnerships, grants and donations.

Angel Investors 

In the past, Angel Investors has provided capital investments to early stage companies focused on the internet, e-commerce and information technology markets. The fund is now fully allocated and is no longer making new investments.

International Angel Investors 

In the past, Angel Investors has provided capital investments to early stage companies focused on the internet, e-commerce and information technology markets. The fund is now fully allocated and is no longer making new investments.

Renaissance Entrepreneur Center 

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, is a non-profit organization that provides small business training and support services to help women and men throughout the Bay Area start or grow their own business. Renaissance works to initiate and promote lasting economic development for individuals and communities that traditionally have not had access to capital and business support.

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