Mission and Goals


The Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies increases faculty opportunity through access to international research funding opportunities for Silicon Valley and the World. And to transform SJSU into a global university, developing new curriculum support international exchanges and develop public programs that highlight these activities. The Center is guided by three important tenants:

  • Access – The Center open doors for faculty members to internationally oriented opportunities. We facilitate opportunities for faculty members to develop in their lives and careers.
  • International Programs – We link SJSU faculty to the international community outside Silicon Valley. We host international guests, develop new programs and encourage the internationalization of the campus.
  • Innovation – This imperative drives the Center to develop new programs, use new technologies and new delivery information formats to meet the needs of Silicon Valley and the world.


SJSU Goal: Spartan Pride

  1. Prioritizing timely Center changes which both reflect the University’s “Excellence First” policy and consistently work towards accommodating changing student and faculty needs as well as international contract expectations.
  2. The Center will exemplify Spartan Pride in the areas of value creation and innovation and will allow SJSU to continually be at a competitive advantage in all research exercises.

SJSU Goal: Unbounded Learning

  1. The Center will adapt itself to better fit the times while maintaining high standards for faculty performance.
  2. The Center will always be known as a program that produces diverse, intuitive and creative applied and pure research at SJSU.

SJSU Goal: Helping and Caring

  1. The Center will focus on gathering, interpreting and sharing timely information and successful analysis of trends and expectations to help the greater academic community target, attract, motivate and maintain new consumers and users.

SJSU Goal: Agility Through Technology

  1. The Center will develop mutually beneficial partnerships with government agencies and companies who share the Center’s quest for top quality, innovative and dynamic uses of new technology to deliver specialized training and advanced application programmatic contractual work.

SJSU Goal: 21st Century Spaces

  1. Expand profit-making contractual management agreement models on campus.