Faculty Support

SVIC 2016 finalists Geoffry Banuelos and Danny McLane

SVIC 2016 finalists Geoffry Banuelos and Danny McLane proudly introduce Dynamic Heat Map, a dynamic graphical mapping software that utilize big data and machine learning to increase efficiency for package delivery companies.


Encourage Student Participation

Faculty support is key to student participation and overall success of SVIC. To encourage student participation, faculty members may:

  • Integrate entering SVIC as a requirement into their course syllabus
  • Assign a class project that requires students to develop an innovative business idea that

they can enter at SVIC

  • Give credit or extra credit for entering the competition
  • Promote SVIC cash prizes and networking opportunities for students
  • Include a link to the SVIC website on their faculty website
  • Attend SVIC with their entire class so students can experience the event for themselves

Schedule an in-class Presentation: SVIC team is available to present the benefits of SVIC participation to your class or staff. Please email svic@sjsu.edu to schedule a brief, 5-7 minute in-class presentation.

Download the SVIC Overview PowerPoint presentation (pdf) to share with their class