Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an SJSU student to join?

No, SVIC now welcomes students from SJSU and from its partner universities and colleges locally and internationally. The SVIC also welcomes SJSU faculty, alumni and staff to enter the challenge!

How do I register?

You may register here.  The user will create a free account and profile.  It takes less than two minutes to do this.

Do I need to have a business plan?

No! Entering the SVIC does not mean you need to have a business plan prepared.  Participants only need to have an innovative idea.

Do I have to be a business major to join the SVIC?

Absolutely not!  The SVIC encourages all majors to join!!

Can I keep my idea confidential?

Yes.  Upon submitting your idea, you will be asked if you would like to keep your idea “confidential”.  If you answer “Yes” to this question, your idea will not be shown or posted on the community forum.

Should I keep my idea confidential?

The option of confidentiality is entirely subjective.  It is the user’s decision whether or not to post the idea publicly.  However, everyone should take note that allowing the public to view your idea will generate feedback on your idea, which will help with further configurations of your project.

Can I edit my idea after I have already submitted it?

Yes. Once an idea is submitted you can always edit any part of the idea. A user can make changes to the idea description, add web links or videos to the idea, update the project phase or update group members.  

 Remember that you can only edit your idea until November 1st!

Can I comment back to activity on my ideas?

 Yes, the comment feature is made for conversation!  Feel free to comment on other ideas and respond to comments on your ideas.  Use this feature as a tool to your advantage!

 What does “follow” mean?

This functionality allows users to follow an idea.

 Can a user submit more than one idea using one account?

Yes! There is no limit on idea entries. Users are welcome to submit multiple ideas; innovation knows no constraints!

When is my LAST chance to enter the challenge?

Registration closes at midnight onNovember 1st.

What is the criteria for judging?

Please visit ourresources page to view the judging criteria.

When will I know if I am one of the finalists?

All finalists will be notified by email on November 11th.

How do I prepare for the finalists challenge?

Please visit ourresources page to view details on how to prepare.

Where is the Final Challenge located?

The final showcase will take place at SJSU’s Barrett Ballroom in the Student Union.

How can I comment on the ideas?

You can comment upon an idea by clicking on the idea. A window will open with an box to let you type in your comments.

 Can I edit my profile info?

You can login and update your profile whenever you want.