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Event Details

 Event Details

 October 5, 2015: Submission OPENS
 October 26, 2015: Submission CLOSES at midnight
 November 9, 2015: Finalists Notified
 November 16, 2015: SVIC Finalist Showcase, Student Union      
 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m



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 Presentation Guidelines
 Poster Board Preparation
 Judging Criteria
 Intellectual Property Protection
 SVIC Community Guidelines



 At least $5,000 in CASH prizes and a chance to win a PAID summer  internship!
 Other award categories include:

   • Most Innovative Idea 
   Best Elevator Pitch
                                • TechShop Award
                                • Social Innovation Award
                                • Other Special Category Awards based on sponsorship
                                • People’s Choice Award

                              Past winners and participants.

Presentation GuidlinesPresentation Guidelines

 At the very minimum, participants are expected to dress in business  casual attire, create a visually appealing poster board, and prepare a  brief 2-minute elevator pitch that succinctly communicates the  innovation’s value to judges.

 Enhancing the poster board display with: 1) models or prototypes of the product; 2) computer displays, animations, or short video clips; 3) demonstrations; or 4) any visual aid will help judges understand the value and utility of the product, process, or service.

Participants interested in networking or job opportunities should consider bringing business cards and a well-written one-page resume. Visit the Career Center to polish your resume.
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Poster board Presentation

 Poster Board Preparation

 Download the poster board presentation template (PPT) and purchase a  free-standing poster board (max. dimensions: 36 x 48  inches) such as  the two-fold Hunt ExecutivePro Display Board shown here:

Poster board demo

                              The title, subtitles, body text, and graphics must be LARGE enough                                     for audiences to read from 3 feet away. Posters must clearly explain:

                              1. The product or service concept as well as its value and benefits.

                              2. The potential customers or users and expected market size.

                              3. The uniqueness of the concept and its competitive edge.

                              4. The feasibility of the concept.
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Judging Criteria

 Judging Criteria
 Four criteria are used to judge entries. Entry demonstrates

 1. AdvantageA clear advantage over existing products, services, or      technology available on the market today.
 2. BenefitsEffectively targets and defines potential customers.
 3. DoableThe idea can be executed or implemented as is.
                               4. Breadth of ImpactThe potential market is widespread and                                             adaptable to various market segments.
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Intellectual Property  Intellectual Property Protection

 Protecting your intellectual property at any stage of development is  important. Avoid exhibiting content that will compromise your right to use  or pursue the idea in the future.


Patentable or Copyright Technology, Process, or Software
Avoid revealing too much about your technology or process such that it becomes considered public domain. Do NOT include drawings, diagrams, or descriptions that show the unique nature or inner workings of your product or process. For instance, share the product benefits but safeguard the methods or mechanics behind delivering the benefits. If you have software, DO NOT exhibit any code.

Special Names or Symbols
Use the “™” symbol to indicate your intention to use any special product names or symbols as a brand. Eventually, you will must register the brand with the appropriate jurisdictions: states or the federal government, depending on whether you will be doing business across state lines.

Trade Secrets
Be discreet about any trade secrets used to design your business idea and create differentiation. Avoid revealing information in your exhibit that can be copied by competitors and cost you your competitive edge.

Check with the SJSU Office of Graduate Studies and Research to determine whether SJSU has an ownership interest in your innovation. The university has the expertise and experience to assist you in assessing commercialization and intellectual property protection.
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Community  SVIC Community

 SVIC provides a forum for thought sharing and collaboration. The  opinions  and viewpoints expressed belong solely to the individual  contributors and  DO NOT reflect the perspectives of the SVIC team.


Please note by the following:
MONITORED COMMENTS: All posts will be monitored to preserve a collaborative, respectful learning environment. The SVIC team reserves the right to delete any inappropriate comments (use of obscenities, personal insults, ethnic slurs, or other disparaging language) at any time. 

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES: SVIC is NOT responsible for 1) content, changes, or updates of any externally linked website; or 2) the privacy policies and practices of other websites.

DOCUMENT, VIDEO, AND PHOTO SHARING: Please be aware that you are giving permission to others to view and use your documents if you upload any content to this site. For instance, any comments or content shared on this website may be used for SVIC marketing purposes.

CONTACT: Send any questions or comments to SVIC.

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