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Ready to Innovate? Start the Challenge Here!

SJSU community – share your innovative ideas and join the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge. Connect with other students, judges, faculty, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, experts and get valuable inputs on how to put your ideas into action.

The SVIC is an international competition that is open to all SJSU students, faculty, alumni and staff, as well as teams from other universities from around the world. Everyone from all fields of study are welcome to submit innovative ideas in any phase of development (from the conceptual stage up to fully-operational ones that are already running).

How Does it Work?
  1. Register and create a profile.
  2. Submit your idea.
  3. Complete your profile.
  4. Browse through other ideas.
  5. Follow ideas that you think are innovative
  6. Share and connect with our community.
  7. Learn new skills and refine your ideas.
  8. Compete for prizes and awards in campus in Fall 2014

In What Ways Can I Participate?

There are many ways to get involved in the SVIC, although most are participants. You can participate by being a(n):

Observer: The SVIC invites you to observe the final showcase! Visit SJSU’s Barrett Ballroom located on the 3rd floor of the Student Union November 19th to view the Challenge’s top 50 innovative ideas!

Participant:The SVIC welcomes your innovations! Submit your idea TODAY

Judge: Immerse yourself within the innovative ideas and sign up to judge the online and final showcase! Please send an email to svic@sjsu.edu to apply.

SVIC SponsorSupport the innovative ideas of tomorrow and become an official SVIC Sponsor!

Prizes and Awards

At least $10,000 in prizes! $2,500 First Prize award for the most innovative idea. Prizes will also be awarded for special categories

  1. Most Innovative Idea
  2. Best Elevator Pitch
  3. TechShop Award
  4. Social Innovation Award
  5. Other Special Category Awards based on sponsorship
  6. People’s Choice Award