Actions speak far louder than words typed on a resume. Showcase your talent and unique skills to Silicon Valley professionals who attend SVIC annually to scout fresh talent and explore creative innovations. Networking opportunities and exposure to recruiters, incubators, and investors are vast. Access the breadth of benefits SVIC participation brings. Register for SVIC today.

Soraya SiahpoloI participated in SVIC the first semester I entered SJSU, in Fall 2013. I was so excited when my idea was picked to showcase. My idea did not win and I always wanted to try again. This semester is my last semester in SJSU and decided to challenge myself and come stronger this time. I had an app idea for a while and was looking to showcase it and SVIC is the best place to get valuable feedback and recommendations about your idea. I entered this semester and won the Best Educational Innovation. I could not be any more happier. Don't afraid of failures, they are the key to your success!

Soraya Siahpolo, BS Computer Science
Innovation: Tuter, an on-demand tutor service for enrolled students in specific universities


Brace YourselfHave you ever thought of how you could solve an existing problem in this world yet feel uncertain about your idea? Well, Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge gives you the perfect platform to share your ideas with professionals with experience in different fields, who can not only provide you the support that you need but also help you in paving your path to success. It gives you an opportunity to discover more about yourself and make some connections that could help you in the future. It's just about getting out of your comfort zones and putting your ideas forward. I would definitely recommend students to seize the opportunity in hand and participate in SVIC. 

Harshika Chadha, BS, Business Administration, Concentration in Management
Innovation: Brace Yourself, an inconspicuous bracelet with pepper spray, location tracker, user distress sensor and only activates with user’s thumbprint


Ryan Allen "The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge is an excellent opportunity for  entrepreneurs to showcase their products and receive valuable  feedback,  suggestions, and criticisms from students and professionals  alike. The "elevator pitch" competition gives you experience pitching  your idea in  front of a large audience and highlights areas for improvement. I found  this competition to be extremely rewarding and would  highly recommend any student entrepreneur to compete!”
Ryan Allen - Student, San Jose State University 


Usman Choudhery “The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge is not only a great way for  participants to get their ideas out to the public, but also a great way for  them to practice pitching to investors. Before the SVIC, I didn't know  where to go or who to talk to in order to get my idea off the ground.  However, during the event, I talked to quite a few people who gave me  very valuable insight in how to implement my idea. I also got a few contacts who put me in touch with investors who are very interested in my idea. The SVIC is an extremely helpful event to anyone who has an idea and wants to make that idea into reality.”
Usman Choudhery - Manager, International Auto Center, Inc.  


“I had the amazing opportunity to be a finalist for SVIC in 2014. However I was nervous because I have never participated in a school showcase. It was a memorable experience because I had the opportunity to network with fellow creative and intelligent Spartans! In addition to making new friends, I utilize this experience during job interviews and SVIC developed my leadership skills. I hope others take advantage of what SVIC and SJSU has to offer!”
Lam Nguyen - Student, San Jose State University
HR Student Assistant, Tower Foundation at SJSU
VP of Careers, SHRM at SJSU 


“The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge was an incredible experience for Garden to Table. In addition to winning 2nd place for social innovation, we received a lot of interest and valuable feedback that helped us refine the concept and spurred us onwards. As a result, Garden to Table recently became a non-profit with a land use agreement in place to build the farm and launch our idea into reality!”
Zach Lewis - Executive Director, Garden To Table


"The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge was one of the best experiences I've had as well as one of my top highlights in my college career! The fact that students have an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas to the University, public, and high-profile individuals makes you believe that there's really an opportunity to take your idea to the next level to show society! It only takes one great idea to make a difference."
Mo Ibrahim - Solutions Consultant, Zoura


“The event had some really impressive participants and everyone worked really hard - from the students to the judges to the professors and assistants! I was grateful for everyone’s efforts. We all leveraged our best output, ideas and efforts into our entries. We were delighted to see the kind of work being done and caliber of people working alongside of us here at San Jose State University. With the integration of the event with local business, academia and government, I feel we can develop the SVIC into a significant brand for SJSU especially in conjunction with other College of Business innovation initiatives and partnerships that are being developed.”
Christian Jorgensen - Student, San Jose State University