There are exceptions to the 16-unit cap rule. They are: 1) If you are a GRADUATING senior (i.e., you have already applied to graduate and taking units above the 16-unit cap will allow you to graduate a semester sooner; and 2) If you would like to take RTVF 121, 122 or TA 112, 117 or 191 because these courses DO NOT count against the 16-unit maximum. Fill out a PETITION TO ADD UNITS ABOVE THE 16-UNIT MAXIMUM. The Registrar's Office also has their version of this form PETITION FOR EXCESS UNITS.




IF A COURSE IS FULL AND YOU NEED IT TO GRADUATE: Exceeding Enrollment Cap (or Course Cap):


This refers to the academic capacity of a course and means specifically the number of students limited in a specific section of a course.  Exceptions to ​the Enrollment Cap are strictly enforced and Approval to Add is restricted to students who: (1) have a graduation card and need the class to graduate this academic year or (2) have a transcript-demonstrated need for the class this semester to progress toward graduation. This is the APPROVAL TO ADD OVER THE ENROLLMENT CAP request form. Requests are not guaranteed, but it doesn't hurt to try. Make sure ALL of your paperwork is in order and that you've gotten all required signatures before submitting your request.   


Change of Major form (less that 90 units)

Change of Major form (90 units or more)

BA - Theatre Arts Major Form

BA - Theatre Arts Minor Form

MA - Theatre Arts Graduate Form