Works In Progress

There are many new and exciting things happening at the center!  Here are a list of just a few!  Some are in progress and some are planned for the near future!

Locker Room Face Lift

First and foremost, we are getting ready for new upgrades to the locker rooms. This is one of many projects that are planned for the next fiscal year. For this project we will be getting new lockers and benches, doing some electrical upgrades, replacing many of the shower handles and fixtures and just giving the locker rooms and overall cleaning. This may also include new soap dispensers, shower curtains and a few other items. Additionally we will be installing automatic doors for both locker rooms that are ADA compliant. This will involve a day or two shut down and we will notify members as soon as we are given the dates. Luckily, all of the expenses will be covered by the county and will not be a burden on the center financially.

Internet Phone Upgrades

In partnership with San Jose State University and the County of Santa Clara we will be upgrading the Internet and phone infrastructure at the site.  There will be better Wifi and there will eventually be multiple phone lines that will include answering machines.  Our full time staff and various departments will also get their own individual phone lines.  The hope it to make us more accessible and give us better lines of communication for members and non members alike.