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New Program! Adapted Judo for Students with Autism (ASD)

Research studies have shown that children with ASD are at especially high risk for obesity due to limited accessibility to exercise and physical activity programs.  Participation in an adapted judo program can provide physical, emotional, and mental health benefits for children with ASD.


·       Provide students with a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment to engage in physical activity

·       Teach students how to properly and safely fall with emphasis on reducing the risk of concussion and head related injury

·       Encourage social interaction in a friendly, self-paced, and comforting environment

·       Develop physical and motor skills

·       Improve balance and proprioception


Anthony Kwon is a graduate of SJSU where he lettered all 4 years in Judo.  He is currently working on his Masters degree while teaching judo in San Jose.

Program Schedule:

Please Call for current session information


Register Online!


$120 for 6-week Session

Ages 5-13*

*Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate 


  • Uniforms are not required, please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes
  • Drop In/Trial classes are available for $20.00 per class