Land Fitness

Fitness Class Registration begins the last Monday of the month for the following month.

2018 Dates:

Month: Registeration                  opens

January: December 18

February: January 22

March:February 19

April: March 26

May: April 23

June: May 21

July: June 25

August: July 23

September: August 27

October: September 24

November: October 22

December: November 19

January: December 17

The Timpany Center offers a number of Land Fitness Classes. These classes are a great option for participants who prefer exercising outside the water, or they are also a great supplement for participants looking to enhance the work they are already doing in the water.

Land Fitness Class Schedule 

Land Fitness 2nd Quarter 2018

Land Fitness Class Descriptions

NEW CLASS: Walk 15

This new, low-impact, 30-minute class is based off of the pace of walking a 15 minute mile.  It is a group exercise class that helps to promote increased cardiovascular function.  All levels of fitness can take this class as we promote working at your own pace while the instructor guides you through steps to help raise the heart rate. 

Sit N Fit

A fun, low-impact class to help promote mobility, balance, functional strengthening, endurance, and flexibility. Taught by Dr. Jennifer Sylvester, DPT.

Core N More

Supplement your water workout with weight-based exercise. Combining evidence-based exercise physiology with techniques from yoga and Pilates, you'll improve your strength, flexibility, back & joint health, and endurance. Taught by Dr. Jennifer Sylvester, DPT.

Inclusive Martial Arts

Designed for individuals who have challenges that prevent from taking a tradiional martial arts class. Based on the art of Taekwondo and Kempo.

Matter of Balance

Evidence based falls prevention program recognized by the NCOA, designed to emphasize practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity.


EnhanceFitness is an evidence based exercise program that helps older adults at all levels. Each class covers cardio, strength, flexibility and balance.

Better Bones and Balance

Falls due to osteoporosis are a major cause of injury, disability, loss of independence, and even death in older adults. The Better Bones and Balance class helps improve balance and strengthens your legs so that you can stay active and keep your independence.