Swim Lessons

The Timpany Center offers fun, effective, affordable swim lessons for participants of all ages and skill levels. Most instructors are educated in the field of kinesiology and have studied subjects such as adapted physical activity, motor development, motor learning and biomechanics. The Timpany Center’s pool is the perfect place for swim lessons! Our indoor pool is maintained at 92°F to offer a comfortable water setting throughout the entire year. Additionally, our pool offers a zero-depth entry (steps and a ramp) with the depth ranging from 2 to 8 feet. 

General Swim Lessons

Our swim lessons are derived from the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program using San Jose State University students and graduates as instructors. All instructors are currently majoring or have majored in kinesiology with emphasis areas such as physical education, adapted physical activity, pre-physical therapy, or a similar field that focuses on human movement and fitness. Courses are designed to teach participants the fundamentals of swimming in a fun and patient environment. A progressive level format is used to build on skills learned in previous levels. Parents should register children in the swim lesson level for which they have adequate skills. Descriptions of the class levels are linked below.  

Adapted Swim Lessons

In addition to our general swim lessons, the Timpany Center offers adapted swim lessons as well! Adapted lessons are designed for children or adults with any type or severity of disability (physical or cognitive). In our adapted swim programs we work one-on-one with each person developing an aquatics program that best suits that individual’s needs. Our adapted classes are taught by San Jose State University Kinesiology students who have undergone extensive training in how to teach adapted aquatics. Most of our instructors are either in the Adapted Physical Activity program at San Jose State University or have graduated from this program. Our classes focus on overall fitness, body awareness, water safety, swimming technique, and most importantly FUN!


Swim Lesson Registration Form (PDF)

Contact Information

Carolyn BadilloSwim Lesson Program Lead

TIMPANY CENTER Reception Desk - 408.283.9036


Class Preregistration* Price Late Registration** Price
Private $40 per week $42 per week
Adapted $28 per week $30 per week
Group $18 per week $20 per week
Semi-Private $28 per week $30 per week

*Preregistration = priority registration & open registration dates until the session begins
**Late registration = registration after the session has started
Please see the 2014 dates listed below.

 Class Schedule

Each session signed up  consists of ONE lesson per week.

Days Lesson Times
Monday or Wednesday or Friday 3:00-3:35PM 3:40-4:15PM 4:20-4:55PM  
Tuesday or Thursday   5:30-6:05PM 6:10-6:45PM  
Saturday 9:30-10:05AM 10:10-10:45AM 10:50-11:25AM 11:30AM-12:05PM


2014 Sessions

 # of
Start Date End Date Priority Registration-Current Students
Open Registration-New/Returning Students
Break Week(s)
(no lessons)
Session #1 5 January 6th February 8th Priority Registration: Monday, December 2nd
Open Registration: Monday, December 9th
Feb 10th-15th
Session #2 5 February 17th March 22nd  Priority Registration: Monday, February 3rd
Open Registration: Monday, February 10th
Mar 24th-29th
Session #3 7 March 31st May 17th

Priority Registration: Monday, March 17th
Open Registration: Monday, March 24th

May 18th-June 1st
Session #4 4 June 2nd June 28th

Priority Registration: Monday, May 12th
Open Registration: Monday, May 19th

June 30th-July 6th
Session #5 4 July 7th August 2nd

Priority Registration: Monday, June 23rd
Open Registration: Monday, June 30th

No Break Week
Session #6 4 August 4th August 30th

Priority Registration: Monday, July 21st
Open Registration: Monday, July 28th

September 1st-7th
Session #7 7 September 8th October 25th

Priority Registration: Monday, March 17th
Open Registration: Monday, March 24th

October 27th - November 2nd
Session #8 5 November 3rd* December 13th*

Priority Registration: Monday, March 17th
Open Registration: Monday, March 24th

December 15-January 4th

 * No classes Monday, November 24th - Saturday, November 29th for Thanksgiving

Lessons are 35 minutes, one day a week. Most levels (including all pre-school) will have a maximum of 4 children per class. The parent/tot classes and levels 4-6 of the progressive program may have up to 6 children per level per class.

To register for swim lessons, please refer to the three charts to answer any questions you may have. Please pay close attention to “Priority” and “Open” Registration dates. Payment must be collected before your child can be scheduled. The classes and levels that are offered are determined as parents sign up. The first students to sign up will determine what classes will be offered at that time.

  Three Program Areas & Levels

Swim Lesson Class Level Descriptions (PDF)

I. Parent/Tot (2 Levels; placed by age)
These levels will be combined if there are not enough children to hold 2 classes of 2 children.

  1. Duckies A: age 6-17 months
  2. Duckies B: age 18-36 months

II. Pre-School Program
(4 Levels; 3-5 years old; placed by skill)

  1. Bubble Fish (Level 1)
  2. Blow Fish (Level 2)
  3. Balloon Fish (Level 3)
  4. Beta Fish (Level 4) Once complete, student will skip Penguin and Otter and advance directly to Dolphin

III. Learn-to-Swim:Progressive Skills Program
(6 Levels: for ages 6-12 years old; placed by skill)

  1. Penguin (Level 1)
  2. Otter (Level 2)
  3. Dolphin (Level 3)
  4. Stingray (Level 4)
  5. Barracuda (Level 5)
  6. Great White Shark (Level 6)


 Program Policies

Make-Up Policy

If there is a family vacation, family function, or event that has been previously planned before the swim lesson session has begun, please keep in mind that your child/children will NOT be allowed to make-up the class. The only exception for a make-up is a medical emergency with the proper documentation to support the student’s absence.

Program Withdrawal

CLASS REFUND POLICY: All refund requests must be submitted in writing to the Timpany Center. Full refunds (minus a $25processing fee) will be issued if the request is postmarked at least 7 business days in advance. If payment was received via check, there is a 2 week waiting period before the original check is processed and mailed. Credit card refunds will be credited back to the original card account within 3 weeks of processing refund request. Requests after the 7 day period must be submitted and will be handled on an individual basis.

Returned Checks & Declined Credit Cards

If a check is returned, or a credit card is declined, Timpany Center management will contact the individual on the account and notify them about the transaction. There will be a $25 processing fee for ALL returned checks and declined credit cards additional to the already due amount.  If a credit card is declined, or a check returned two consecutive sessions the Timpany Center management will ask that the session be paid with cash only.

Open or “Free” Swim Before/ After Class

Please note that swim lesson participants are not permitted to enter/remain in the water before or after their swim lesson is going to/has occur(ed). A child may visit the pool during OPEN SWIM hours but must follow all age requirement rules and pay proper entry fees.  These fees are not included within the swim lesson registration cost.Inquire at the front desk about obtaining a drop-in pass, monthly pass, or monthly family membership if you or your child is interested in swimming during OPEN SWIM times.

Proper Swim Gear

All Children under the age of 4 or children/adults who have known (or the possibility of) fecal incontinence, must use an approved swim diaper/retainer before entering the pool. Approved diapers/retainers for most ages can be purchased at the Timpany Center.  If you wish to purchase this item outside of the Timpany Center, please confirm with staff that you are purchasing an approved style.  Instructors and/or deck coordinators will confirm with parents/guardians/attendants, of participants who fall in the above categories, that the proper swim diaper is being used.  Goggles are not required; however, they are strongly recommended. Girls with hair medium or long hair must wear their hair pulled back.

Designated Parent Seating Area

To insure the quality of your child’s class, we ask parents/guardians to please remain in a designated area during all classes.  Approved areas include: the parent area near the patio doors on the pool deck, the blue benches placed around the pool deck, or the tables placed in the pool/front lobby area.  Please avoid interrupting the class while it is in session. If you have any questions, please wait until the end of class to approach the instructor. Violation of this policy may result in two warnings, and dismissal from the pool area.

Designated Student Waiting Area

Students are NOT allowed in the water without their instructor at anytime. Instructors will meet their students at the top of the steps of the pool area. Until you become familiar with whom the instructor is, please report to the deck coordinator near the pool entry area. Please be sure that students are on time and remain with your child until the instructor arrives to greet the children in their class.