Therapeutic Pool and Spa

pool entry

“I have tried every type of therapy, but nothing has helped more than this therapeutic pool. I call it 'Holy Water'!” –Anonymous

The Timpany Center is best known for the therapeutic qualities of our warm-water pool. The indoor pool is heated year-round to 92°F and features a zero-foot entry with a ramp and progressive steps. Shallow areas are 2-4 feet deep, and the deep end is 8 feet deep. The pool has designated lanes for walking, walking/slow swimming, and fast swimming.

Most people who use the Timpany Center pay a monthly membership fee. Monthly members benefit from extensive pool/spa hours and have the flexibility to do their own workouts based on individual needs. The drop-in option allows use of the pool and spa without committing to a monthly membership, and meets the needs of individuals that only intend to utilize the water periodically. 

aquathon pic

Another popular feature of the Timpany Center is the 102°F spa. The Spa also boasts a zero-foot entry ramp. The spa is a wonderful place to warm up prior to exercise or relax after a workout in the pool. 

 hot tub

The center also provides wheelchairs and walkers to make accessing the water as carefree as possible.

wheelchairs for the water