To assist job-seeking students, CalSWEC has recently created a Twitter page, http://twitter.com/#!/CalSWECGradJobs that will be used to broadcast announcements about payback-eligible positions as they become available. Accessing this page does not require an account on Twitter; all positions posted by CalSWEC can be viewed by anyone.

CalSWEC Grad Jobs is also available on Facebook: 
Login is required to have access to this page. Once you have logged in, you have the option to be added to the group of CalSWEC Grad Jobs so that you can view announcements about payback-eligible positions as they become available and communicate with other IV-E graduates.

As specified in the Work Requirements page, Title IV-E Students must acquire employment in a public CWS agency after graduation for at least two years. Graduates are also required to provide proof of employment by submitting an employment verification form (PDF) upon employment and every six months thereafter, until the two year requirement has been completed.

Please contact our Project Coordinator if you have any questions regarding employment verification.

Employment Forms and Information:

  1. CalSWEC-Title IV-E Employment Search Form (EXCEL)
  2. CalSWEC-Title IV-E Employment Search INSTRUCTIONS (PDF)
  3. Employment Verification Form COUNTY/AGENCY (PDF)

All CA Counties - Current Job Openings:

Merit Systems:

CDSS and State Adoption Agency:

Top Websites for Employment Search