Academic Requirements

  • Stipend recipients must complete the entire MSW program at SJSU (course and field work) in 2 years.
  • Stipend recipients must complete course requirements (PDF) designated for the “Children, Youth and Families” population-at-risk area of study.
  • Stipend recipients must remain in academic good standing, maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0 every semester and receive credit for satisfactory performance in the field practicum.
  • Stipend recipients must satisfactorily complete 2 years of field work: the second year must be in a child welfare program of a county social services agency; the first year will be in a related county or nonprofit program serving IV-E eligible child welfare clients.
  • Stipend recipients must participate in all Title IV-E seminars, meetings and trainings.
  • Stipend recipients must attain at least minimum competence shown in CalSWEC's website: California Child Welfare Competencies.
  • If a student is not performing satisfactorily in the program, the University may suspend or terminate the stipend.

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