Work Requirements

The following information can be found in the Full Time MSW Social Work Student Contract, Art. II, Obligations of Student.

Students must make a good faith effort to secure employment in a public CWS/CDSS agency in California upon graduation. American Indian students with tribal rights may complete the work requirement in the following alternative settings: a reservation or rancheria providing CWS in California, an Urban Indian agency in California serving IV-E eligible children and families or a reservation providing CWS in another state.

Schools will assist students by providing information about job openings and application procedures. Students who are not current public CWS employees must apply to all the public CWS agencies within 75 miles of their homes. Students who are employees of a county or state CWS agency must return to that agency and render one year of continuous and satisfactory full time employment (at a level appropriate to a new MSW) for each year of stipend support received.

If no qualifying position is available within 6 months of graduation, graduates will be required to apply for and accept a position with any county CWS in the state of California or CDSS agency. This extension will only be granted to those students who submit the Employment Search Grid/Form with satisfactory documentation of their job search activities to the Title IV-E Program. If no such position is available, graduates may request permission to accept a position in a related county program or nonprofit agency serving IV-E eligible child welfare clients, or a CDSS agency serving children and families.


Outline of Employment Search Requirements

Within six (6) months of graduation        

Within six (6) to twelve (12) months of graduation 

Within twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months of graduation

Must return to work at agency


If unable to return to agency, or not a previous county employee, search for qualifying work within a 75 mile radius of Student's home

Search for employment within the state of California. 

If, within 12 months, student does not secure employment within the state, may apply for a waiver to search for a non-profit agency within the state.

If waiver is granted to search in a non-profit agency, student may have up to 6 months to do this search.

If student does not secure employment during this time, may apply for a waiver of employment obligation requirements at 18 months after graduation.


If employment has been secured, graduates of the MSW Title IV-E Program are required to keep the IV-E Program of their employment status by submitting the Employment Verification Form every six (6) months throughout the two (2) year employment requirement period.

In addition, graduates must keep the IV-E Program informed of any changes to their address and contact information for a period of five (5) years post graduation. CalSWEC which oversees the implementation of the program, uses this information, along with graduate surveys, as research data to support the rationale for the Title IV-E Program. This benefits not only future students, but the children and families served by IV-E child welfare professionals.