Work Requirements


Student/Graduate agrees to make reasonable efforts to apply for and accept employment in a county public CWS agency, Tribal agency, or CDSS, Child Welfare Division, in a position at least at a level appropriate to a new MSW in child welfare services. For the MSW program, Graduate must complete two (2) years of continuous and satisfactory full-time employment.  Graduates must follow the search requirements as stated in the outline below:

Outline of Employment Search Requirements

Within six (6) months of graduation Within six (6) to twelve (12) months of graduation  Within twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months of graduation


Must return to work at agency

      (if employee)




Search for qualifying work within a 75 mile radius of Graduate’s home and keep satisfactory documentation.


Search for qualifying employment within the state of California and keep satisfactory documentation


If within 12 months, Graduate does not secure employment within the state, may apply for a waiver to search for employment in a non-profit agency within the state. Graduate must provide satisfactory documentation. If waiver is granted, Graduate may have up to 6 months to do this search.

If Graduate does not secure employment during this time, may apply for a waiver of employment obligation requirements at 18 months after graduation.