Board of Directors

The Tower Foundation provides a means, through membership on the Board of Directors, to engage prominent alumni and citizens in the life of the university. Board members play a critical role in shaping the philanthropic strategy and work closely with the university to reach out to other graduates and businesses in the community to build commitment and funding for San Jose State.

Tower's Board of Directors is composed of a maximum of 43 community members, many of whom must be SJSU alumni. Members are elected to three-year terms. Officers of the Board are elected by the membership and serve one-year terms. The Board's five committees, Executive, Finance and Investment, Audit, Development, and Nominating and Governance, advise the Foundation on campaign development, investments, public relations and long-range planning. It is the responsibility of each board member to take a leading philanthropic role by making annual contributions to SJSU.

Four ex officio members, including the San Jose State president and Chair of the Academic Senate, serve on the Tower Board of Directors. The board meets four times a year.

Board of Directors 2016-2017 

Mary A. Papazian

Edward A. Oates, '68

John W. Baird

Richard Conniff

Paul I. Lanning

Founding Directors

Phillip R. Boyce, '66
Stephen Caplan, '65
Charles W. Davidson, '57
            Founding Chair
Dana Ditmore
Leslie C. Francis, '65
Wanda Hendrix, '77, '94
Jim Jimenez, '68, '75
Donald L. Lucas, ‘59
Constance B. Moore, '77
Edward A. Oates, '68
Gary J. Sbona, '66
Peter Ueberroth '59


William Barton, '67
Dave Donahue, ’69, ’71, Spartan Foundation President
Aaron Friedman, Student Representative
Eric Kelly, '80
Stefan Frazier, Chair of SJSU Academic Senate
Amir Mashkoori, '84, '86
Coleetta McElroy, '97, Alumni Association President
Jenny Ming, '78
Joseph Parisi
Gary D. Radine, '69
Jeff Ricci, ‘86
David Weng, '83
Colleen B. Wilcox 

Leslie Rohn
COO and Secretary

Meeting Schedules



General Counsel

Hopkins and Carley