Mission, Vision & Goals

SJSU Treat Yourself Well

San José State University Treat Yourself Well Healthy Campus 2020 Initiative



SJSU Treat Yourself Wellness VisionSan José State University will be known as a campus and community in which people thrive. Its places and spaces will support learning, dreams, and connections. Its programs and services will nurture student success, health and wellness, and lifelong exploration of ideas and possibilities. SJSU’s health-related policies and ethos will actively embrace deep diversity and the unique opportunity provided by our multicultural population and geographic setting. Understanding that a healthy community is made up of healthy people and their surrounding environments, and that college can be a time of unique stress, change and transformation, we envision a campus culture in which students, faculty and staff embrace the opportunity to “Treat Yourself Well” as a step towards becoming all that we can be.


To co-create and actively support the culture, confidence, environments, skills, and resources for health and well-being at San José State University

Preliminary Goals (AY 2017-2018):

The first year of SJSU’s Healthy Campus campaign is designed around 5 preliminary goals:

  1. Organize the SJSU Healthy Campus campaign, including its leadership structure, communication mechanisms, evaluation metrics, and marketing strategy.
  2. Identify campus health promotion priorities and change targets based on evaluation of NCHA and NSSE data, campus surveys, and university priorities for student health and success.
  3. Build the Healthy Campus coalition, engaging at least 100 groups, departments, and units in networked efforts to address campaign priorities, stimulate ever-increasing participation, and facilitate broad dissemination of the Treat Yourself Well slogan and word mark.
  4. Develop a searchable inventory of existing and planned health promotion-related resources, programs, and initiatives as a way to track, support, promote, and assess Healthy Campus activity.
  5. Design and implement a process and formative outcome evaluation plan to document activities and impacts, explore emerging challenges and opportunities, and provide data for continuous assessment of our progress towards a healthy campus.

Specific, measurable objectives will be determined once SJSU’s Healthy Campus structure and first year goals have been finalized by the Senior Leadership Advisory Group and the Steering Committee.