Wordmark Guidelines

Wordmark Guidelines

San José State University’s Treat Yourself Well campaign is a campus-wide initiative. We encourage campus partners to incorporate the SJSU Treat Yourself Well wordmark in marketing materials for any campus events that align with any of the commitments of our Healthy Campus Framework.

Commitments of the Healthy Campus Framework:

  • Student Success
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Health Promotion
  • Engagement
  • Diversity
  • Community

Commitments of the Healthy Campus Framework:

What is the SJSU Treat Yourself Well wordmark?

The SJSU Treat Yourself Well wordmark is a visual cue that represents SJSU’s commitment to promoting health and wellness.

Request the SJSU Treat Yourself Well wordmark

Who can use the wordmark?

You can! The SJSU Treat Yourself Well wordmark may can be used by any campus partner or student organization on promotional materials for any SJSU event, program or initiative that promotes any of the commitments of our Healthy Campus framework. Get help adding 
SJSU Treat Yourself Well to your own materials at Marketing Communications Open Labs.

Appropriate Usage

The SJSU Treat Yourself Well wordmark may only be used for campus events that meet certain guidelines, including:

Wordmark Size

To ensure maximum legibility, the wordmark should be at least 0.8 inches tall. Wordmark should also maintain its original one-to-one ratio.

Wordmark Size


The wordmark should be placed in a visible area of the photo or graphic, generally in the lower corners or center. Wordmark should follow the guidelines shown below.

Wordmark Placement


Always maintain X clearspace around the wordmark to prevent confusion with other visual elements. Do not allow any other graphic elements, type, folds, trims, or edges to fall within this space.

Wordmark Clearspace

The Photography

SJSU Treat Yourself Well campaign promotes SJSU’s overall health and wellness. Choose imagery of groups of people interacting with each other in an active, fun and exciting environment. Search for photos in the SJSU Photo Library

Color Choice

Choose a color that works best with the overall graphics and style of your promotional materials.

SJSU Blue ColorPantone: 2935 M | 300 U | 300 C
CMYK: 100/70/0/5
RGB: 0/85/162
Web Color: 0055A2

SJSU Gold Color

Pantone: 7406M | 7405U | 124 C
CMYK: 10/35/100/0
RGB: 229/169/35
Web Color: E5A823

SJSU Black ColorBlack
CMYK: 10/35/100/0
RGB: 229/169/35
Web Color: 000000

SJSU White Color

CYMK: 0/0/0/0
RGB: 255/255/255
Web Color: FFFFFF


When using the SJSU Treat Yourself Well wordmark in social media, please also use the hashtag #sjsutreatyourselfwell.

Examples of Usage

Examples of Usage